Catching Up (And So It Begins)

file0001845637670First day of February and I haven’t changed my calendar yet. (Or put away all the holiday stuff. Or returned my overdue library books…)

It looks like my word for 2016 is not going to be CHALLENGE. It’s going to be another C-word: CATCH-UP. And so I’ll start with the Muffin post I shared over the weekend (and forgot to mention until just now.)

I’ve probably written about the subject of finding your own style (and voice) numerous times; I suspect that means I have slip-ups and fall into that old trap of comparing myself to others, falling short, and then trying to write all fancy-schmancy. You can see what I mean in “Stepping Out in Your Own (Writing) Style.”

Fortunately, I always find my way back to me (and my own personal style). I suppose that’s why I used the Popeye quote (“I am what I am.”) instead of getting all fancy-schmancy and quoting Shakespeare.

But I could’ve quoted Polonius from Hamlet, if I’d wanted. I mean, I know the fancy-schmancy quotes, even if I don’t go around spouting them:

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Yeah, Mister Man would probably roll his eyes if I threw that quote around. But I bet he’d drop off my library books, if I asked real nice.


10 thoughts on “Catching Up (And So It Begins)

  1. Hahahahaa! What do you know? We’re having the same February! I’m actually at the library right now with plans to check out some historical fiction books to use for research and I just remembered I have some overdue books out and they probably won’t let me take anything else home. I’m going to take another page out of your book and ask real nice (after I head over to the Muffin, of course!). Wish me luck!

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