Blogs, They Are A-Changin’

cathy blog screenHave y’all noticed anything different about the blog here at Cathy C. Hall? Go on. I’ll give you a few minutes to think on it…

Yeah, it’s nothing earth-shattering. It’s just that you haven’t seen as much of Cathy C. Hall as you might have in the past nine years.

Nine years. NINE years, y’all. That’s how long I’ve been keeping up the blogging routine in one or two or even three blogs. But times change; people change, too. And so you can read all about my Change of (Blogging) Heart over at the Muffin.

And just out of curiosity…how many of you noticed that I wasn’t posting nearly as much as I used to post? And how many of you have changed your blogging habits–and why?

So until next week–or maybe the week after–happy writing!

11 thoughts on “Blogs, They Are A-Changin’

  1. It is just hard to find time to do it all. We don’t blog as much as we used to either, but it’s fun to do it when time allows. You’re terrific Cathy! (Look. You just caught a compliment!)

  2. Hi Cathy 🙂 I’m not much of a blogger, but I give the blog a whirl on occasion-LOL I am busy with family and house most of the time. When I find those spare moments, I am writing, reading, and attempting to produce something worth submitting 😉 Time seems to be zipping and I seem to be slipping!

  3. You already know my answer on this one. I just cut back from 3x a week to once, and some weeks even that one post is hard to write, mostly because of time constraints and my type-A personality. I’ve never been able to just hammer out a post in 20 minutes. It takes me two hours, and that is more time than I have to spare. I’m afraid to drop to “when needed” though, because that means I won’t post much at all. My blog is my only interactive online presence (not counting FB and Twitter) and I hate to lose that. We’ll see, though. It’s getting increasingly harder to keep up with the writing and the reciprocity with other bloggers.

    • You’re only posting once a week, Lisa? Honestly, I hadn’t realized but then again, I know what you mean about reciprocity–I always read your posts on Wednesdays–wouldn’t miss those, but didn’t always stop in for other posts. I think that’s part of the blogging thing, too. Keeping up with everything I want to read and knowing that I’m falling further and further behind. Until suddenly, I’m so far behind, I just give up.

      So cutting back is really just doing my part to lessen the angst out there. 🙂

  4. I did notice you were posting less, but figured you’re just extra busy writing other stuff. Guess I’ll head over to the Muffin for the real scoop!

  5. This old gal has noticed and missed your musings and info, but I realize to grow, you may have to go…in another direction. Write on.

  6. Well, I certainly notice that my choir friend is indeed amusing, ever since she arrived in my choir where I was already situated years ago. I am glad both you and Joe are church mates of Carl and I. God bless you both, Kiddo! Marilyn

  7. Hi Cathy,
    I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to either. I will miss your posts but will check from time to time to see if you have anything either here or on The Muffin. Donna V.

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