Catching Creativity

Finding my way back to writing–or more specifically, the joy I once found in creative expression–has been a challenge. But sometimes, creativity finds me and drags me along on new adventures.

That was the case this week when Juniorette Hall found a Tiny Lantern Workshop and paid for my ticket and…well, she knows I’m a sucker for tiny stuff so off I went. Because also, and most importantly, she offered to drive into the Big City.

I just now realized that you’re probably wondering what the heck is a Tiny Lantern Workshop, but before I can explain that you need to know about the Lantern Parade. Read all about it here or just watch the video of the parade from last year:

So yeah, it’s pretty crazy with all the HUGE lanterns lighting up the Atlanta Beltline.

This year, the Tiny Doors folks (you remember my Tiny Doors adventure, right?)  decided to join forces with this artsy fun by inviting people to make tiny lanterns for the parade. Thus, the Tiny Lantern Workshop.


That’s Rosie, the Tiny Doors…um…mascot? Anyway, those lanterns on the tiny worktable (and the floor) are Juniorette’s. She was all about a Halloween theme (pumpkin, bat, and ghost). Whereas my theme was mostly My Favorite Things. I made a red and black football lantern (cleverly including UGA and the Falcons) and a beach lantern with waves and sand on it, both quite lovely. But then I found some words on a page in my purse.



They’re not my words. I had A Psalm for the Dying by Edward Hayes with me (we had read it at Mister Man’s graveside service just this past weekend) and I took some of the lines and sort of cut and pasted them into this:

after I am home in the bosom of God

I will still be present

Whenever you are in need, call me

for my roots and yours are forever intertwined


So, creativity caught up with me and it was good.

Come September, I might even walk in the Lantern Parade. But only if Juniorette Hall’s driving.




16 thoughts on “Catching Creativity

  1. Cathy with each moment in time you take steps to the new normal. Your tiny lantern speaks volumes to many! Tiny comforts in our ever unpredictable world we live in. What a cool adventure!

  2. Cathy–Did I need to do some sniffling this early in the morning? Probably not, but it’s evidence of how moving your post was.

    The piece you cut and pasted into such a bittersweet bit of free verse–beautiful.

  3. The quote is lovely and comforting. Thanks for sharing it.

    I am fascinated by the teeny tiny props in your scenes. Makes me feel like I’m in the land of the Lilliputians.

  4. What a wonderful day finding your way back to creativity. Love the lanterns and the beautiful quote. There’s magic in those moments and I’m happy you and your daughter did this together. She needs to find her way, too. Wishing the two of you many fine moments together. Hugs.

  5. What a wonderful quote. Thank you for sharing that, even if it did make me cry. I’m glad you’re finding your way back to creativity. Kudos to Lane for holding the lantern to help light the way. xoxo

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