And Another Thing

Like most authors/writers, I have this love/hate relationship with Amazon. These days, I’m perilously close to the highly annoyed side not so much for me, but for several of my author/writer friends.

They’re losing book reviews–or they’re worried about losing book reviews. You can read more at my post over at The Muffin, “Keeping Book Reviews on Amazon.” And if you have any experience and/or suggestions, I hope you’ll join in on the conversation.

I like to write book reviews. But I don’t write a review for the mega-selling author; Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, BIG MAGIC, is wonderful, but she doesn’t need my review. My newly-published friends of a more modest selling background, on the other hand, appreciate every single review. So to lose a review is a big deal to them.

How can we make sure a friend keeps a review? Because I don’t want to boycott Amazon. I need a new phone case.



5 thoughts on “And Another Thing

  1. Cathy, I wrote a comment on the muffin. And when I did, things kept bubbling up, and I kept writing, and now you practically have a secondary blog post on your Muffin blog post! What a hot point you raised!

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