Six Words

So what a week, huh?

That crazy voting, the winners and losers, the tears, the tension…seriously, I was on the edge of my seat, watching. But enough about The Voice.

Something else is on my mind this morning–well, it’s been on my mind for a couple of days now and I thought that maybe it was time to share it.

512zor9gsfl-_sx332_bo1204203200_I read Daily Guideposts 2016 every night; I found the book when cleaning up Dad’s place and I brought it home, thinking how comforting it would be to read this devotional that Dad may have read in the months before he died. And it has been comforting–and inspiring and interesting.

So on Saturday, November 5th, I read about summarizing your faith in six words and I was immediately struck with the concept. Partly because I’m a writer and love a challenge, but mostly because I often preach about story, that if you can summarize it in a sentence, you know your story. And I wondered, do I know my faith that well?

And so I grabbed my pen and within a minute, I’d written these words:

“Love. Forgive. Serve. Repeat as needed.”

Maybe it’s simplistic, but those six words have resounded in my head and my heart this week. Love. Forgive. Serve. And who knows what mighty things my faith can accomplish when I repeat as needed?

I’d love to know what your six words would be. And before I forget, I also have a post over at the Muffin today, talking about favorite writing tips, websites, insider info. I’d love for you to share any of your favorites there as well. And you know you don’t have to keep your response to six words, right? But hey, you’re a writer–challenge yourself!

13 thoughts on “Six Words

    • I know, Pat! I remember reading Guideposts years ago, when I just a kid. And later (MUCH later!), I spent a couple of years, trying to write for them. The writing part never worked out, but I began to read the magazine again. Still love it after all these years…

  1. Hey Cathy, love this! Here is my sentence: Serve God. Love all. Humility. Grace.
    These are things I strive for in faith. Doesn’t always work out that way!

  2. Hey Cathy, tried to post and it didn’t come up so I will try this again.
    Serve God. Love all. Humility. Grace.
    This is what I strive for, doesn’t always work out that way! Love this exercise and your six-word summary. Also that you found your dad’s Guideposts. What a wonderful way to stay close to him. Okay, going to try to post and hope it works this time!

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