Magic Ticket? Yes, Please!

ticket-1539705_1920Here’s my horoscope for today:

You’ll influence others, but more importantly, you’ll comply with self-directions. To follow your own instructions is no small deal; in fact, it’s the magic ticket and the key to getting what you want.

Which wouldn’t be so weird if my post, “The Writer’s End-of-the-Year To Do List”ย with all kinds of instructions, didn’t just happen to be up on the Muffin.


If the universe went to all that trouble to get my attention, I think it behooves me to tackle that list. And so off I go (and I hope you’ll join me! I mean, it’s not every day that I come up with a magic ticket!)

10 thoughts on “Magic Ticket? Yes, Please!

  1. Cathy–I started out nibbling on your post at The Muffin, and agree–the gods are speaking to you, so I’m glad you listened and started working on your list.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I’m off to read your post on The Muffin, where I’m sure I’ll find wonderful advice.
    Wishing you and peaceful New Year filled with joy and grace.

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