Read-Aloud Adventures

Today is World Read Aloud Day–wheeee!wrad2017spotfinal

I might be a little Cathy-Come-Lately to all the fun activities that you can participate in (and the registration). But there’s still time to read aloud, even if it means grabbing a grown-up Junior Hall and reading his favorite book from long, long ago.

Reading aloud was one of my all-time favoritest activities with my kidders. “Read me a story, Mommy!” was music to my ears! And now that I think about it, each kid enjoyed reading aloud in his or her own unique way.

Oldest Junior Hall LOVED for me to read aloud! From the time he was an itty-bitty till…well, gosh, it must’ve been right before he started middle school because his little brother was in first grade then. If he heard me reading in Youngest Junior Hall’s room, he’d make a mad dash to sit on the end of the bed, just to listen. (I’m not gonna lie. I was a very entertaining reader.)

He loved funny books best of all, and though he had favorites, he craved variety. And so we’d head home from the library, arms aching from as many books as we could carry.

Juniorette Hall, now, she was independent from the get-go. She’d listen to Mom read aloud but as soon as she could read–and really, even before she could actually read, she memorized the text of her favorites and would insist on “reading”–she’d rather do it herself.

She loved ballerina books and mermaid books, and not surprisingly, she grew up to be a dancer. She still dances, and it’s very possible she thinks she’s a mermaid, too.

Youngest Junior Hall. Whew. He was a challenge. Getting that boy to sit still and listen to a story was not easy. He’d rather play baseball or build a fort or explore the woods or dig a hole. You get the picture. Fortunately, though, he LOVED dogs. And so once I found dog books–very short dog books–he’d allow a bit of reading aloud at the end of the day.

Eventually, he settled on one dog book. Every. Single. Day. I read the same book, something about counting dogs. You’d think I could remember the title, wouldn’t you? I guarantee that child remembers the title. Could probably recite the book by heart.

He’s coming by today so I’ll ask him. Maybe I’ll even find the book and we’ll read it aloud together. And I hope you’ll join me in celebrating World Read Aloud Day, maybe share one of your favorite read-aloud books or stories.

Oh, yes, please! I’d love to hear all about your read-aloud adventures. Tell me a story, friends!

10 thoughts on “Read-Aloud Adventures

  1. Alas, I did not read aloud today. But I will one day, as soon as one of my kids gives me a grandbaby. I’ll read and read and read and READ! I loved reading to my kids, too. We always had night-night stories and night-night songs. I missed those bedtime routines when they ended. *sigh*

    • Me, too, Lisa. And hey, no whining. At least you have COUPLES over there. 🙂 (Pretty soon, I’m just gonna go out and get my own grands. From that tree in the backyard where the money grows. 🙂 )

  2. One of our local counties does readaloud day in October for some reason. So last October, one of them asked me to participate in theirs. The issue: they wanted me to read for three straight hours in separate 30-minute increments. I’d finish with one group and they’d exit and bring in the next group. I read the same section of my book over and over and over. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I was glad when it was over! I will say readings are my favorite type of event, since public speaking makes me so nervous!

  3. We read aloud in class today. We started Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Also, my most cherished memories with my kids are of us reading aloud together. The oldest had me read Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel about a million times. (Perhaps I exaggerate. Just a tiny bit.) My daughter’s favorite was Anne of Green Gables. When I began reading aloud Harry Potter to my youngest, my husband couldn’t wait for story time each night! Last of all, now the the kids are grown, I still get to enjoy reading picture books with my third grade class. That’s one of the best times of the day. Our current favorite is Martina the Beautiful Cockroach!

    • Oh! That’s by Carmen Deedy, right? She lives somewhere in my neck of the woods, so I’ve heard her a couple of times. Oh my word, she is absolutely mesmerizing when she tells that story!

  4. I read aloud an essay i wrote for CS My Crazy Family, and I laughed myself silly. My kids loved The Poky Little Puppy, as did my grand kids and now my great grandson. Have a great day!

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