Tooting My Horn After All

I’m over at The Muffin today, talking about how hard it is for writers to promote themselves.

Honestly, one of the reasons I like writing for a Korean publisher is that I don’t have to do any marketing. I mean, I guess if I went over to Korea, they’d expect me to do something. But here, even though I live in a community with a vibrant Korean population, it’s too costly to do book signings or other promotions.

For other projects, I’ll run a Tooting My Horn post and that’s a bit of promotion, right? All out marketing is a little more challenging for me because…well, you can read “Writer, Promote Thyself” and see if you struggle with the same promotion anxiety. And maybe share your thoughts on marketing?

201612_bigpulp_annual-793x1225But you know what all this talk about marketing has reminded me of? My story, Mary Beth’s Prophecy, appears in Big Pulp’s annual anthology. For cryin’ out loud, I almost forgot all about it–and I love that fun story! So yeah, why not check it out? Because it’s not just me…there are a TON of wonderful stories from 2016! (There! A bit of promotion for me and all those other writers!)


12 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn After All

    • Hey Suzanne, and thanks! I wouldn’t call it all out science fiction…more fantasy/humor. Mostly humor, really. With just a dollop of the supernatural. Pretty much a normal day in the life of Cathy C. Hall. 🙂

  1. Congratulations on your publication! It IS hard to toot your own horn, isn’t it? But I’m always glad when others do, so I try to remember that when it’s my turn.

  2. Tooting makes me feel like a nuisance, buy it is necessary. Congratulations. Now I’m heading to the Muffin.oh I wish I had a muffin.

    • You’re very good at it, Linda. I always see your post titles and think, “Now, that’s great click bait!” (You get me every time, but I’d read your posts no matter how you titled ’em!)

  3. Great article at the Muffin, Cathy, as always, and congratulations on your new story! I find self promotion to be very difficult, but I agree that in these days of social media and self publishing, it is necessary and expected. I think every writer must find what works best for them. As with other writing issues, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

    • So true, Theresa! My posts here are linked to my Twitter account and I’m afraid that’s all I ever end up with there. I just can’t get crazy about that platform…But Facebook, I’m good with that. (Well, after I skip all the political rants!)

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