A Quote, A Sign, And a Conference

Comparison is the thief of joyIt’s very possible that I’ve shared this quote with you before. It’s right up there in my Top Ten Quotes and I feel like I say it, either out loud or in my head, at least once a day.

That’s how often I find myself comparing.. Whether it’s my work, my stuff, me.

Except now, I’m aware that I do it. And that’s half the battle, in getting and keeping my joy.

So a very talented friend who’s obviously amazing with calligraphy created this gift for me.(She hears me say it all the time; she’s probably thinking that Cathy and her constant quoting are robbing her of joy!) Anyway, I rushed home and set the framed quote on the dining room table and grabbed my phone to take a picture. Today, I downloaded the picture for this post and as I looked at my phone’s pics, I noticed a glare in the photo. Shoot, I thought, I’ll need to take another one.

But then I looked again, a bit more closely, and I saw it. What I mistook for a glare was the reflection of my gold cross in the joy.

Now, I don’t see how you could get a clearer sign than that, and just in time for my SCBWI writer’s conference this weekend when I really need it.

I’m thinking the good Lord wants me–and what the heck, probably all of us!–to embrace joy, to focus on all of our good gifts and blessings. And that’s just what I plan to do.

(Hope to see lots of writer friends at Springmingle’17 and I promise to tell you all about it!)

12 thoughts on “A Quote, A Sign, And a Conference

  1. This post IS proof that God speaks to us if we are open to receiving. Coincidence some would say. not I! Have fun at the conference.

    • Oh! I’m glad you like it, Sioux. It’s such great advice, and whenever I do a workshop I begin with that quote. So many writers–myself included–get in a bad habit of comparing themselves to every other writer, especially when we’re gathered together. And before you know it, instead of supporting each other, we’re miserable and feeling inadequate because we’re not as accomplished, published, whatever as the person sitting next to us. *sigh*

      I found a shop that inscribes quotes on bracelets and of course, I got my quote bracelet; I’ll be wearing it come Friday. 🙂

    • Yep, I say it to my kids all the time, too, Donna. I surely hope I can embrace joy this weekend–it’s always pretty hectic but maybe I’ll be able to squeeze a little joy in there! 🙂

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