Delightful in December

Sometime after Mister Man dearly departed, my cousin sent me a Kahlil Gibran quote in which she found great solace. And through those long summer-into-fall months that followed, I found myself drawn to his words, finding solace there, too. And so I asked a friend, the one with mad calligraphy skills, to write me up that quote. For me and–spoiler alert!–the Junior Halls.

And because she’s also charmingly artistic, she added a watercolor background of just about my most favorite place in the world:


Isn’t that lovely? And so very true, too.

Well, truly, Mister Man drove me crazy. But he did it in the most delightful way. And a month or so ago, I saw that Sasee‘s theme for their December issue was Dazzle and Delight and I began to think of last Christmas and how…well, you can read “Afternoon Delight” for yourself.

(Unless you’ve already read it, seeing as how I posted it on Facebook. In which case, I recommend that you go and listen to some music, your choice. Music is always so very delightful, too. Even In A Gadda Da Vida blaring through the house.)

14 thoughts on “Delightful in December

  1. Wonderful article! I saw the other day a record player for sale in a store ad. Awesome. Great momentos for your kids to have.

    • Thanks, Tina! We’ve always had a turntable in the house but records went out of fashion. Now, they’re back in and record players are all over the place. Just goes to show that classics never go out of style. 🙂

  2. Wow….Love the watercolor!!! Your Uncle your mom would say would love it also…two of his most favorites!!!! Merry Christmas to you all……now I have to find a music video of In A Gadda Da Vida ..ha ha

    • Yep, I think Melissa sent me the quote, saying Uncle Charles loved it. And I had to listen to In A Gadda Da Vida, too, Debbie! (I admit, I didn’t listen to the whole 15 minutes. I mean, come ON, Iron Butterfly–) 🙂

  3. Cathy–Gorgeous watercolor, and thanks for sharing the link. (I sniffled.)

    My first husband and I–when we split up–didn’t argue about who would get our daughter. (That was a given.) However, we DID fight about a two-record set of Diana Ross and the Supremes. I got it for him for Valentine’s Day one year but still… I loved them more, I thought. I lost. Later (decades later), my daughter got the set for me.

    Aaah, music. So many memories…

  4. I really believe that quote with all my heart. It is affirming when sadness consumes me. Loved your Sasee story.

  5. What a beautiful quote! Your friend did a lovely job writing it out for you too. Looking forward to reading your story, which somehow I haven’t seen yet. Headed there now!

  6. Merry Christmas Cathy! May all your family have a happy and safe one! My December is not a very delightful one!

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