I Have a Really Good Excuse

2011-03-30 12.54.32

It started when the county chopped down my favorite half pink, half white dogwood.

It’s the end of March and I know that means it’s time to report on my month’s doings (or not doings, as the case may be). But really, I have a good excuse for this month’s slacking off. Come to think of it, I have several good excuses.

As I mentioned above, there was the whole tree cutting debacle. The county is widening a main road up the street from me and it was bad enough when they took out enough pines to build a small village of log houses. But The Special Dogwood that makes me smile every time I pass its blooming March splendor (and I pass it a lot)? How could I be expected to write through such a blatant disregard for my tree?

Then I had that SCBWI conference, and there’s a ton of stuff to get done before a conference, right? Totally legit excuse for not getting the writing going.

And then I also had a reception in Athens at the Georgia Children’s Book Awards and Conference. Not for my books; SCBWI was there to promote our regional authors, the ones who like to network and get those school visits. Also a totally legit excuse because there was also a lot of stuff to get done before the reception.

I did manage to get several books read even though I had that very bad, horrible, no good cold (also a legit excuse for lollygagging, by the way). Let’s see, I think the total read was five, so I’m still a couple of books ahead on my Goodreads goal. I had to wait two months to get Hillbilly Elegy, a memoir by J. D. Vance, but it was well worth the wait and my good read pick of the month.

I got fired up about a picture book idea after the conference and I’ve written a rough first draft so there’s that. And I managed a couple of blog posts, too. Which brings me to today’s post over at The Muffin where I talk about “When You Don’t Want To Write.”

March was…challenging, remembering how the Beneficent Mr. Hall was so great about shoring me up during the March conference craziness. But sometimes, just when you think you want to throw in the towel, someone comes along.

So a big thank you to Lovely Lisa for a long lunch. And for being there, just when I needed shoring up. I can highly recommend long, long lunches with a writer friend for those times when you need a good excuse for whatever ails you.

And here’s hoping your March was delightfully full of words and writer wisdom; I’d love to hear all about it. It also shores me up when I hear about my writer friends’ successes (and yeah, I could use some fall back good excuses, too, just in case April slaps me upside the head. The county is not nearly done).

14 thoughts on “I Have a Really Good Excuse

  1. Your posts make me feel like I am sitting in your kitchen with you. Legit is right. You deserve a break. Now back to work.

  2. You’ve shorn me up, Cathy. 2017 has been hectic so far and I’ve had those down moments. I hope the county doesn’t tear up more trees. That happened in Ca when I lived there. I saw so many beautiful trees bite the big one as a freeway was born. I’m seeing it again here in Texas.

  3. Cathy–Is that my Lisa? The famous romance-writer Lisa? You two together for lunch? It must have been a lively conversation.

    I still have my spring break to look forward to, and I hope to get some serious writing done.

    • Of course it’s the famous romance writer, Lisa. šŸ™‚ We don’t get a chance to gab as often now that she’s writing all that romance, but yes, it’s pretty lively. (And by lively, I mean “probably better if small children don’t sit too close.”) šŸ™‚

      Good luck with your serious writing (but I hope you’ll have some serious fun, too)!

    • Yes, I think that must be the trick, Pat. I keep telling myself that I don’t have to write anything amazing…which is a good thing, because right now, my writing is teetering between stinky and meh. šŸ™‚

  4. Well, if this wasn’t a timely post… I was just thinking last night that I need to set a few writing goals or it doesn’t get done. Hauling kids, teaching, and church things have keep me incredibly busy lately but it frustrates me when I can’t write because the words have a way of tumbling around in my head until I let them out, and there’s only so much space in my poor little head to begin with! You, on the other hand, have still been honing your craft even if you’re not actually typing up a new story. I’m amazed at all you’ve managed to squeeze in during your “unproductive month” and I have every faith that April will see you back at it. Jealous of your lunch and happy for you and Lisa at the same time. I’m sure this was a tough month for many reasons, and I’m proud of you for soldiering on through it all. Know that I’m shoring you up from a distance, and that you’re always in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. I thought there was an ordince or something against damaging dogwoods! Reminds me of the song words, “They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.” I hope youre feeling great now.

  6. As usual, I’m late to the party. I’ve developed a bad habit of reading your blog post on my phone when it’s delivered to my email, and then I forget to come back and leave a comment. But I’m here now. Lunch really was delightful, and I’ll always have time to visit with you. Not only do I have fun, but I always learn something. šŸ™‚ I know, just KNOW, that you’re going to be prolific with your writing when you’re ready to crank it up. All that other stuff you’re doing, pertaining to the business of writing—SCBWI, etc.—is simmering in your brain. You’ll use all of it. In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with taking a wee break. šŸ™‚

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