A Tiny Library! (And Mom)

2009-07-09 13.08.51

Note Mom’s expression. I was doing something with Cathy-on-a-Stick.

Before I manage to get myself out of bed every morning, I’ll stall a bit. And this morning, I realized it was Mom’s birthday so I wished her a heavenly happy birthday. And then I laughed out loud because I could just hear my Mom saying, “Pfffft.” (Not that she was anti-birthday, but she didn’t have time for any wishing of “heavenly” birthday foolishness.)

I sure miss my mom, but I often hear her. Not out loud, y’all, just in my head. If I start writing about literally hearing my mom (or Dad or Mister Man or really, any dead person), then I hope someone will contact one of the Hall kidders and send them over to check on me.

Anyway, my mom had an opinion on just about everything and I’ll often hear one of those opinions at the strangest times. Like this morning, when I was reading about the latest Tiny Door news.

Y’all remember that I’m completely smitten with the Tiny Doors around the ATL. So now, the folks who do Tiny Doors are opening a Tiny Library.

What-can-go-on-a-bookWHAT??? I am beside myself! It’s a fundraiser where you can get your own teeny tiny book on a shelf in the teeny tiny library. So you can become an art patron for this fantabulous project as well as get a little promotion. Or maybe get a little creative. Or maybe just put your name on the spine of the teeny tiny book for the fun of it.

The point is, it’s a tiny book! In a tiny library! You can find out more about the library project at C4’s website. (And you might enjoy taking a look around C4, too. Lots of creative stuff!) And you don’t have to be from the ATL area to participate, either. So when I go to the Tiny Library to take a pic of my book, I’ll take a pic of yours.

Now, back to Mom and her opinion of this Tiny Library. Can you guess what I heard her say (still just in my head, y’all)?

a. What in the Sam Hill is this tiny library?

b. Well, isn’t that just darlin’.

c. ย If I were you, I’d spend my hard-earned money on that.

d. For heaven’s sake, Cathy, that’s as silly as a heavenly birthday. Pfffffffft.

(Note that I often hear her voice. I don’t always listen.)

10 thoughts on “A Tiny Library! (And Mom)

  1. Love your email about your Mom and the memories you have and how she talks with you. That sure hits home with me. At this time in my life and all my problems, sure wish I had her here to talk with, but like you, I still have my conversations with her!

    Sure hope you are having a great day!!!

    • Well, I’m having a pretty nice day now, Mary–first tiny books and now, hearing from you. Hope you’re doing better! (And you know our mothers are still watching out for us, right? โ™ฅ)

  2. Cathy–

    What? Your mom didn’t appreciate COAS? I’m surprised, because from my perspective, with you AND Cathy-on-a-Stick around, that would have been double the fun for your mother… ๐Ÿ™‚

    What a sweet post about your mother…

    • Hahahaha, Sioux! My mom and I were very alike but I have a “creative” streak she may not have totally appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚ On the other hand, she always went along with the craziness. (Um…up to a point.)

  3. What a grand idea these little books. I bet your mama said “A.” I miss my mom, too. Imagine we creatives took a toll on our mamas. This was a fun post. It’s like sitting down talking to you.

    • Well, that makes my day, Linda. I feel the same way when I read about Liam! (And Mom would probably say “A”, too, but she was a big one for the “Pffffffft.”) ๐Ÿ™‚

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