Yes, It’s About Grammar (And, Yes, You Need This Little Lesson)

2014-05-08 11.52.45

Libby does NOT care even a little bit, but as she is a dog, I’m gonna give her a pass on the grammar lesson.

Every once in a while, I just can’t take it anymore. And by “it”, I mean all those words used incorrectly that pop up in the newspaper or across social media or even out of the mouths of candidates in their TV commercials.


Thank goodness, I have the means in which to right the writing world. And so when I have one of those moments when I just want to scream like a crazy woman, “NO! It’s not effect, it’s affect! Affect! Affect!“, I can sit myself down and mostly rationally expound on “Two Little Words Used Incorrectly.”

If you know the difference between the use of “affect” and “effect”, then you can save yourself a few minutes and go on your merry way, patting yourself on the back. But if you are scratching your head and wondering, “Hmmm. Do I know the difference between those two words?”, then please do yourself (and me) a favor and give it a read. Because honestly, y’all, I really can’t take it anymore.



9 thoughts on “Yes, It’s About Grammar (And, Yes, You Need This Little Lesson)

  1. You go, girl! Now do one on less and fewer. That boils my blood. But, then, I used to teach English grammar back in the day. I do sometimes have to look things up to make sure I am correct; I am not perfect, but try to be proper.

    • You are always proper, Sherri! 🙂 Isn’t it funny how we all have our grammar pet peeves?Less and fewer mishaps are annoying but not as annoying as affect and effect–ha!

  2. I know what you’re talking about Cathy. I think I have OCD when it comes to grammar. I swear! Every article I read in the newspaper or online has grammar and/or spelling errors! Aaarrrrgh

  3. I’m guilty! I know the difference, but find myself using the wrong word. I manage to confuse many words much to my distress.

  4. I know! My husband calls me the English major when I correct him, but I am not an EM. I get annoyed when I read FB and someone says, “I seen/done that.” I want to clobber them.

  5. Sorry Cathy, I probably am one of your nightmares! I will try and do better!!

    Love this girl!!

    Mary S Mullis

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