Off To Work, Sooner or Later


What? Checking Facebook for game stuff is work.

So I had a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish before the big college championship game tonight. But bright and early this morning, whilst reading about the big game in my newspaper, I heard from a Mister Brother Man (I have three of ’em) and brother men do not call just to chat. There was business to discuss (plus football, natch), and would I do some research for him?

Okay, fine, but first I needed to call Juniorette Hall to relay some of the business news (and discuss the game); no worries, I’d be off the phone in a jiffy, then do my research stuff, and then get to my list.

Except then Oldest Junior Hall called and we had to discuss the business, but mostly the football game, and then, no more fooling around, I needed to get that research done (because Brother Man had sent me a text asking for it!). And no joke, I was right in the middle of the research when Youngest Junior Hall pulled into the driveway.

To take me to lunch. Because yes, by then, it was lunchtime. So I finished my research, and Brother Man called again–seriously? Does anybody in the state of Georgia plan to work today?–and took a shower because people out in the world expect you to show up clothed and relatively decent-smelling (though my kids probably know better by now).

Anyway, off to lunch we went to discuss the business and the research and we were almost going to come home so I could work before the big game tonight (which we also had to discuss) when Youngest Junior Hall remembered an Office Depot detour he needed to make.

It’s almost 4:00 now and unless a dead relative decides to pop in (and discuss the game), I think I’m good to get to work. So if you have a minute, maybe you could pop in over at The Muffin and read my post for today: “Time to Tackle What’s Holding You Back.”

Yeah, you can’t make this kind of stuff up. (And one more thing! Go Dawgs!)


12 thoughts on “Off To Work, Sooner or Later

  1. All I could think about yesterday was how those Georgia Bulldogs were gonna roll that tide!! So sorry that didn’t happen! It may be hard to work today too! Say hi to brother cousins when you all commiserate ! There is a new story in the making…

    • Ugh. I feel the same way about Alabama as I do the Patriots. If the Falcons can’t beat ’em, maybe the Saints will. (Might be the only time I root for the Saints, Debbie!! 🙂 )

  2. I can so relate to your post. Just when I think I will write or research or search markets, sweet William walks in and offers me a meal or a trip to the box store where I walk for miles and miles, okay three times around, up and down aisles…and there goes my writing. Upon return the phone rings. By then I am exhausted and need a rest, so poof! Another day gone. What is this the 9th?

    • Yep, it’s only the 9th, Linda. *

      Though it’s the 10th for me answering this comment. And it’s 11:00 am and already I’ve been stuck on the phone for two hours, have a conference call in 30 minutes and haven’t taken a shower yet and Libs is in my lap because someone’s out there with a leaf blower. Again.

      So, yeah, it’s bound to get better sooner or later, right? 🙂

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