But I Have A Good Excuse

bird-crow-black-animal-53187I’m just going to say it: the universe is trying to teach me a couple of lessons in humility. Because every time I write a Muffin post about a certain topic, I’m caught eating crow.

This time, the topic is “The Importance of Being Current,” which honestly, is VERY important. And yet, here I am, taking a look around in various digital spots, realizing that I have not, in fact, been so good at keeping things current.

Well, that’s okay, because that’s pretty much what I admitted to in the Muffin post. And I even tried to update my bio at SCBWI but because they’ve had a recent (and terrific!) update, I’m unable to change my photo and perhaps make other changes.

But here, at my website and blog, for cryin’ out loud, I thought I was pretty darn current! I said as much in my little blurb at the end of the post. I bragged about my currentness (and yes, that may not be a word but I’m in too much of a state to think of the right word. That’s how bad this situation is).



pexels-photo-633432There were two books. And I’m going to jump on that ASAP. And add ’em to my SCBWI bio as soon as I can get into my SCBWI bio. (But if I’m being perfectly honest, ASAP may not be that soon. I’ve taken on a new position in Southern Breeze, my SCBWI region, as Co-Assistant Regional Advisor, and I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Hopefully, I’m making more sense than a chicken without its head, but I can’t make any promises. Still, I managed to circle back around to a bird, so there’s that.)


10 thoughts on “But I Have A Good Excuse

  1. Hey, you DO have a good excuse! You’re juggling a million different things. (Congratulations on the new SCBWI position, by the way! They’re lucky to have you!) But I know what you mean. It’s hard to stay current, and for me that’s because it takes me SO long to learn something new. I just checked out a wordpress book from the library in the hopes of updating my blog and streamlining some things there. So far I’ve read the cover. πŸ™‚ I did, however, master the instant pot, which took a lot of energy and brain cells. I’ll try the blog when I recoop my energy!

    • I hear that instant pot is not as easy as it looks, Debra, so I am mightily impressed! As for the wordpress book, one must start somewhere…the cover is as good a place as any. πŸ™‚ (Good luck!)

  2. Put another feather in your cap! You just keep heaping on more and more and getting things accomplished. Proud to know you!

  3. I’m not good at keeping current either. And I’m terrible with technology. I had to have help setting up my twitter page. I don’t understand why I struggle so much with technology that other people are so good at using!

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