The Upside of Cold Weather


Yeah, that’s a blanket in my office chair. And I’m wearing a sweatshirt. Also, the space heater is running below AND Libs is squinched up next to me. It’s THAT cold.


I know it’s a LOT colder in a lot of places in the world, that people are dealing with blizzards and ice and below-freezing temperatures. And I’m not complaining that it’s been pretty darn cold here in my corner of Georgia; I’m just saying that when it gets cold like this, in GEORGIA, for cryin’ out loud, I don’t go out. Well, I go out but mostly when I need supplies.

So I’ve had a LOT of time indoors since January 1st. And when one spends a LOT of time indoors, one tends to notice the sorts of things one ignores when one is gallivantin’. To wit, cobwebs in the corners, stains on the carpet, junk spilling out of drawers…it’s enough to make one want to brave the cold. But instead, I’ve knuckled down and tossed and scrubbed and vacuumed (with that attachment that reaches the recesses of corners).

And I have to say, all that cleaning has reaped benefits (besides the obvious lack of cobwebs and dust and clutter in the house). When I clean, my brain goes into a different zone and I’ve been finding LOTS of ideas amongst the messiness of my life. I explain it way better over at the Muffin in “Ideas Are All Around You” so I hope you’ll take a look.

I also hope that if you’re somewhere cold and stuck indoors that you have plenty of heat! And after heat, I hope you find lots of ideas while waiting for the thaw. And lastly, I hope you have sense enough to write down all your great ideas.

Because I might’ve found lots of great ideas, but I have no idea where I put ’em.

6 thoughts on “The Upside of Cold Weather

  1. Not to brag, but . . . it’s 79 degrees, breezy, and beautiful here in Venice, FL. Sorry you’re freezing, but I bet Libs will keep you warm! Hard to argue with creating a cuddle puddle with a doxie. 🙂

    • If the doxie would SIT STILL I’d be fine. But this particular doxie, Lisa, feels compelled to jump up every time someone walks by oo the bus or trash guys go by or…I don’t know…a leaf falls from a tree. It’s a whole thing. 🙂

      (Glad you’re enjoying temps in the 70s. I may or may not have made a gesture just now. 🙂 )

    • Sioux, I know and I’m very sorry! I don’t know how people survive once it gets below 35 degrees!

      Last week, when it was VERY cold, Libs bolted through the front door (I thought I had closed it behind me) and took off after a woman who was walking in the neighborhood. The woman started yelling because she was terrified of dogs, even 14 pound ones. So I called Libs REPEATEDLY (after I reassured the woman that Libs did not bite) and the woman said, “Does she come when she’s called?” Libs took off down the street.

      “Apparently not,” I said. Libs has been in hot water ever since.

  2. I despise winter. Wonder if I have ever said that before? Someone afraid of your sweet girl? heading over to read your article. Stay warm.

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