I Should Probably Just Stay Home


A view from my desk at the beach. Not that I work, just showing you the view.

So when I head to the beach, it’s quite the ordeal. That’s probably why I need so many naps once I get there… Anyway, the point is, preparing to leave one house for another for weeks at a time is a whole thing for me. It’s worth it, but still. A whole big thing:

I have to remember to hold the mail and cancel the paper. (Yes, I have to cancel it because the AJC will hold the paper but I am still charged for the paper. Back in the day, my account was credited when the paper was held. And it just goes against everything I believe in–well, almost everything–to pay for a paper that I’m not reading. So I cancel the paper and wait until I’m home for good and then start the paper again. Yes, it’s a lot of trouble to go to for twenty-three bucks but it’s the principle, y’all.)

I have to pack up my entire summer wardrobe even though I wear the same shorts and t-shirts for most of the time. I always think I’ll have to attend a sudden formal soiree or that a rogue snowstorm will hit the coast and what if I don’t have my jeans, sweaters, and long-sleeved shirts, not to mention my good black dress and my fancy high-heeled shoes? (I don’t bring my boots to the beach; that would be ridiculous.)

And don’t get me started on the food and such that I pack. Because despite the fact that there is a grocery store literally three blocks from me and a Publix (just like I have here) only a few miles down the Tybee road, I MUST BRING GROCERIES FROM HOME.

That last one I’ll admit is kinda crazy. But what is not crazy is that I hide all the Really Important Stuff in my house that I don’t bring to the beach just in case bad men (or women, let’s be fair here) break into my home and abscond with the family jewels (I feel I should mention here, just in case any of these scofflaws have read this far, that the family jewels aren’t much. We’re not even sure if they’re genuine. And when I say “they” I really mean just the one. Which is probably fake.).

Anyway, one year, I hid my Really Important Flashdrive and I still haven’t found it. So now, I had the brilliant idea to write myself notes–in code, of course–on my calendar to tell me where I’ve hidden stuff. Except this year, by the time I returned, all rested and oh-so-refreshed, I’d forgotten I’d hidden my Really Important Stuff or that I’d written helpful little notes to remind me where I’d hidden stuff. So every time I looked at my calendar and saw a particularly weird and cryptic note, I wondered what in the world it possibly meant.

And then I needed my checkbook (which is, after all, Really Important Stuff) and you can probably see where this is going. I COULD NOT FIND MY CHECKBOOK. At some point, it occurred to me that I’d hidden the checkbook but WHERE? WHERE? WHERE? If only I’d had sense enough to leave a trail of bread crumbs to my checkbook!

After tearing up the house, I finally found the checkbook. Exactly where I’d carefully hidden it. And then I happened to glance over at the calendar where the weirdly cryptic note suddenly made perfect sense.

I’m not sure where I hid my extra laptop and there are no more cryptic notes. I feel like when I go to hide the next Really Important Thing in my house, there will be the laptop, covered in dust, wondering where I’ve been. In the meantime, it’s back to writing for me and you can read the latest over at the Muffin in “What’s the Big Idea?”

(Just FYI, it has nothing to do with the particular bright idea I had to write myself coded notes; it’s a whole different idea. But it’s the same old lesson when it comes to pride.)

8 thoughts on “I Should Probably Just Stay Home

    • I know lots of people who hide valuables and then can’t find them, Pat. But I really thought I had come up with a brilliant solution, leaving the coded notes. I still think the idea was brilliant. Me? Not so much. 🙂

  1. I, too, end up taking food. It seems so cost-effective at the time (thinking things must be more expensive at the beach). But the time it takes to lug everything down, and a lot of it, back, is a drag. Why can’t I just lighten up? Going to try next trip.

    • Oh, I don’t lug it back. I pretty much eat it all up! But yeah, it seems like a good idea until I carry those bags of groceries up and down stairs a dozen times.

  2. Just reading about your beach get away makes me want to pack a bag (of chocolates and snacks) and go. I always over pack.

  3. I hid my REALLY REALLY valuable things with the Christmas decorations. Figure I will eventually – like Christmas – look there. Also, can’t seem to leave the “clothes that never get worn” but you know you just never know. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone.

  4. I really must stop reading your blog on my phone the second it pops up. I read it and don’t comment because I have to wait until I’m on my laptop. But by then I forget, and because I’ve already clicked on your blog in my inbox it doesn’t show up as new anymore, and so when I’m finally on my laptop if I don’t remember to do it, it doesn’t get done. So I read this when you posted it last week, but I’m just here now because of the above explanation. So . . . as to forgetting things . . . *sigh*

    I’m always putting things “in a safe place” with no clue later where that might be. And my father-in-law used to get a kick out of it every time we’d go grocery shopping because I could never remember my own shorthand on the grocery list. We’d stand staring at the list laughing our butts off as we came up with ridiculous ideas as to what those things might be. For instance, I might have written DACT for dog and cat treats, but by the time we shopped I had no idea what the abbreviation was for. Papa would “help” me with suggestions, i.e. Danish Alligator Coffee Toffee. It got pretty silly sometimes, but we had a great time. 🙂

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