Who Can Think In This Heat?

daylight-landscape-reflection-1209610And just like that, it’s August and shelves are ransacked of glue sticks, pencils, Kleenex, and individual snacks (though the fruit cups are always the last to go, aren’t they?). It’s like an army of kid-sized locusts have swarmed through all the stores and that’s how I know school’s started.

The Junior Halls have long since left their school days behind but there’s a part of me that I suspect will always be on school-time, following that back-to-school calendar and all its holidays/vacations. It’s hard-wired into my system.

But what’s also hard-wired into my system is that August is still vacation, especially the first two weeks of this month of sweltering heat. I went back to school after Labor Day, lo those many years ago; my kids went back to school in late August. And I’m pretty sure I know why: it’s too darn hot to think when it’s 89 but feels like 102.

The brain cannot function when it’s that hot and I have science on my side here. At my Tybee Island spot, the heat pump can’t keep the house cool. Yesterday, it was 84 around suppertime. EIGHTY-FOUR. I had to write a post for The Muffin and thank goodness, I tackled it in the morning before my brain turned to complete mush.

Except! Except I had to think up something the day before and it was also exceedingly warm in my house so I could only come up with short, little topics. Thus we have a. scientific proof re: my heat-affecting-thinking theory and b. “Writing Shorts” over at the Muffin today.

I feel like it’s pretty decent writing stuff, August and heat and brain mush considered. But it might help if you set your expectations accordingly (for both my post and the poor kidders and teachers).

7 thoughts on “Who Can Think In This Heat?

  1. I wish I had a Tybee retreat. Although I always think when I go on vacation that I will write, but find myself so distracted and engaged in other things, I often don’t write a page. Heading for the muffin.

    • It depends on what’s going on while I’m here, Linda, as to whether I get writing done. This time around, not so much; I’ve had work to get done on the house and lots of company dropping in. So basically, I’ve had lots of good excuses for not working. πŸ™‚

  2. My thoughts exactly, Cath. August is a get-five-items-crossed-off-the-to-do-list kind of month. That’s about all I can handle. And pity the poor child who interrupts me in the middle of getting something done. πŸ™‚ Glad to hear it’s not just me. But I will say I love this time of year. I’m such a sucker for that new crayon smell!

  3. No kids, no school, but I sure am looking forward to some cooler weather! This old lady just can’t take it. We still go to our little place at Myrtle Beach, but it’s just to hot to enjoy the outside! You are so blessed to have your Tybee place, so enjoy it all you canπŸ˜ŽπŸ’—πŸ’•

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