Finding Something Friday On Flash (In a Flash)

So, I was zipping around Twitterdom last night, checking out what write_jobs had to say, when I came across a lovely little horror flash mention for those of you itching to get your fingers on something short, dark, and scary. (That did not come out quite right, but I’m sure you know what I mean.)

Anyway, I started my flash search at Dark Moon Books. While there, I found that there’s a Dark Moon Digest (a paying market) where you can send your creepified (not sure that’s a word, but you know what I mean) submission.

Then, I clicked on the Contest page and honestly, you’ll just have to scroll down the page and see if there’s anything you’d like to write. I was a woman on a mission, though, so I kept looking till I found what I’d come for: Frightmares, the Flash Fiction Anthology.

Ah, success at last! They’ll accept previously published work, as long as you hold the copyright. So, yeah. Now I’m off on a Frightmares submission mission. Wish me creepified luck!

The ONLY Time I Listen to Music While Working

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Fill the air with the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cough drops! Clutter the house with yule knick-knacks, holly, ribbons and red noses! Listen to the carols and choirs, and the neighbors complaining about the caroling choirs in the street!

Ah, December. Who can work in the midst of all that wonderfulness? But if you can, here’s a holiday writing opportunity for you:

The Spinetinglers Christmas Ghost Story Competition is accepting your creepy, spooky yule tales until midnight, December 18th. You can snag a bit of Fame and Fortune from the Brits, who for reasons only they can explain, love ghost stories at Christmas! Check out the details here for this no-entry fee contest!

And here’s a wonderful opportunity for you to start the season of giving with a gift that will help a fellow writer:

It’s the Season of Love and Hope Auction to benefit Bridget Zinn, who’s working hard to kick cancer. Tons of writers and friends have donated books, critiques, and other gifts to raise money for this young, YA author. Why not make a bid and make her day shine a little brighter? But hurry! The auction closes on December 4th!

I’m off to the auction myself, just as soon as I finish belting out “Love on Layaway.” I don’t want to brag, but it’s kinda hard to tell the difference. Is it me or Gloria Estefan singing?

Tooting My Horn Tuesday on Diamonds and Toads and Witches (Eeeek!)

There’s nothing like a good witch story to get you in the mood for Halloween, is there?

Um, this isn’t exactly a good witch story. It’s more about a bad witch. But I had jolly good fun writing this tale. And Kate Wolford, editor over at Enchanted Conversation, asked if she could use it at the Diamonds and Toads blog to promote the Hansel and Gretel issue, soon to be released at Enchanted Conversation.

Naturally, I said, “Yes, dearie.” And if I’m being perfectly honest, I kind of cackled. Hope you’ll cackle, too, when you read “Not Exactly Innocent,” by yours truly.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (That’s me, cackling.)

Finding Something Friday on Market of the Month (Yeah, Finally)

What can I say about the Market of the Month?

How about…

1. It’s kinda late.

2. It’s an anthology looking for humorous submissions.

3. It’s about Monster Mashups.

I’m a big fan of mashups (where you take two of something, like a song, and mash it together to make a whole of something). I’m a big fan of humor. And, I’m a big fan of horror. So when I saw Groanology, it spoke to me. And what it said was, “Cathy C. Hall, here’s your crazy market of the month. Finally!”

Fortunately, I’ve got a little time on my hands to write this story. I need two monsters and a humorous plot. And I need to keep the witty words short (1200 to 3200) and turn them in by June 1st.

So, there’s your Market of the Month, finally. What have you got to say?

Finding Something Friday on Spinetinglers Contest

There’s just something about October that really gets my spooky senses tingling. It could be that whole Halloween thing. It could be that the Beneficent Mr. Hall takes to the couch during football season and turns into a kind of bubbling mass, indistinguishable from the cushions. Whatever.

The point is, my fingers are itching to write something creepy. And I found the perfect site to send my macabre masterpiece: Spinetinglers (Woooooooooo-ooooooo).

Each month, Spinetinglers sponsors a contest (no entry fee!) and chooses the top five stories (prize money!) and then showcases them on their website (publication credit!) They seem to be especially keen on guy writers (Four out of the last five winners were men. Although Tony could be a girl, I guess. Or an alien…).

Anyway, I know quite a few women writers who can scare the bejiminies out of me. With their stories, I mean. I’m sure their stories would scare you, too. So I really hope they submit a few to Spinetinglers and help us women represent. As I plan to do, as soon as I think up a hot mess of a horror story (Woooooooo-oooooo).