A Little Punctuation Fun, Circa 1946

I’m here at the beach, on a little Mother’s Day visit with Mrs. C (which makes that whole Cathy C. Hall thing make sense now, right?). Even on vacation, I’m thinking of y’all (which makes NO sense, but that’s the way we C.’s roll).

Anyway, while looking through my mom’s college yearbook (The Commodore, 1946), I came across this little gem:

Girls who eat spinach have legs like this: !!
Girls who ride horseback have legs like this: ()
Girls who get drunk have legs like this: )(
Vandy girls have legs like this: X

Isn’t that a hoot and a half? Don’t tell Mrs. C., but I’m taking this yearbook home with me (which makes total sense-you can’t find funny like that anymore.)

Finding Something Friday on LISTVERSE

Honestly, I intended to update the Market of the Month. And if I’m being “Catholic’s Honor” honest, I’ve had that update on my list all week. But for whatever reason (watching the Braves, tweeting about the Braves, falling asleep on a lounge chair…well, there’s no sense getting bogged down with details) I haven’t quite researched Market of the Month. That doesn’t mean I don’t have something special for you.

I came across Listverse the other day when I saw this post “Top Ten Underrated Fantasy Stories Before 1937.” As I’m rather fond of fantasy, I spent awhile reading about the great fantasy I missed, on account of me not being born yet and all. And I’ll get to some of these fine works, as soon as I find them at my local library.

Meanwhile, I have a penchant for interesting trivia and lists, so I kinda hit the mother lode on Listverse! I started reading “10 Very Strange British Traditions.” And where I ended up, I can’t say. But it was all on the up and up. Catholic’s Honor.

Writing and Zero Candy Bars

Now, I know what you’re thinking. And no, I don’t mean that fleeting thought you just had, wondering if you’ll still fit into that pair of killer capris from last year after eating an Easter basket full of chocolate. (P.S. You probably won’t. Go have another malted milk ball egg.)

I’m talking about the next thought you had. Namely, what does a Zero candy bar have to do with writing? Hear me out, ’cause I think I can make this work.

It all started with an innocent tweet along the lines of “why is it I always have to find a gas station to get a Zero candy bar?” As it happens, Zero is my fave candy bar. But I have to depend on a fill-up in order to come by said candy bar. In fact, a Zero just doesn’t taste the same without the smell of gas fumes intermingled with the chocolatey goodness.

So, one of my writer friends tweeted back, basically saying, “Yeah, what’s up with that?” LuAnn loves the Zero, too. But she lives out in the middle of nowhere (and by nowhere, I mean “Nebraska”) so getting a Zero is quite the jaunt for her. She was so riled up about the situation, she wrote an email to Hershey’s (Here’s where a little creative writing comes in). Hershey’s did not exactly share her riled-upness (I just made up a wordmore creative writing!).

Then I suggested that we should start a fan page on Facebook (even more creative writing!) And LuAnn, who is much more technically proficient than I, went right to work. And that is how I WANT MY ZERO CANDY BAR (AND I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO FIND A GAS STATION TO GET IT) began. If you’re on Facebook, and you love the Zero, then rush over and join the group. Cause the pen is mightier than the, um, just-complaining-and-not-doing-anything ploy. (See? TONS of writing going on here. In fact, I kinda outdid myself.)

Finding Something Friday on Madmen and Markets

Looking for something fun and funky this Friday? And maybe just a tad sixties-ish to get you feeling younger than you are? I thought so.

Get on over here and Madmen yourself. That’s Cathy C. Hall, looking stylish and oh, so sleek. Pretty much an exact pic of me (how do they do that?) And thanks to Krysten H. for bringing this find to my attention!

And now for something completely different:

I sent something to HCI Books for the Ultimate Pastor and I received an email today saying one or two things you might find interesting. I suppose an email talking would be interesting enough in itself, but wait. There’s more.

The title of that book in the Ultimate series has changed to The Ultimate Christian Living: Uplifting Stories and Profound Advice about Faith and Fellowship. And the new submission deadline is October 19th.

Well, that’s one of those good news, bad news things, isn’t it? The good news is that I have time to write another story or two and submit to this wonderful market (they accept stories and photos, and their books are beautifully produced. They pay well, too). The bad news is that my pastor story doesn’t seem to quite fit the guidelines now. I mean, it’s Christian and all, but it’s not exactly profound.

Anyway, you can check out what HCI is looking for at their website.

And I’ll go Madmen the beneficent Mr. Hall. (Wow. Now, if that’s not the spitting image of Mr. Hall, I don’t know what is. Right down to the donut.)

Finding Something Friday on Golf (Okay, and Writing, too)

Last Friday started with a golf trip. And the week just got crazier and crazier after that. But I did have time to find a contest along the crazy way.

It’s the Women Who Write Contest, sponsored by the members of (what else?) The Women Who Write group in Louisville, Kentucky. I guess you can send just about anything you want, as long as it’s not over ten double-spaced pages of poetry or prose writing. You’ll have to send an entry fee ($10.00) and get it polished up and sent by May 31st. Check out the details here if you’re a woman who writes. Sorry, guys, that’s just the way the contest cookie crumbles.

Oh, I almost forgot! I found the latest issue of Modern Senior Living in the mail this week. My column happened to be about golf. And in that column, I mentioned Junior Hall, who just happened to be playing in the golf tournament from which I’ve just returned. Are you following all that? Anyway, I’d sent a photo of Junior Hall playing golf, just so the editor would know I don’t make up the crazy stuff that winds up in my HI-larious columns. The editor added the photo and my “I don’t make this stuff up” comment to the column. So, Junior Hall is kinda famous in the publishing world now. At least, along the senior set in North Georgia.

Here’s Junior Hall’s kinda famous pic. I’ll be adding my columns to my website any day now, so you’ll be able to read “Golf Lessons.” And see for yourself the sorta true, kinda crazy world of Cathy C. Hall.