Tooting My Horn Tuesday: Deep South Magazine on Being Polite

Dadgum it!

I meant to tell all y’all about my essay in Deep South Magazine-and remind you to vote for your favorite Southern saying in the T shirt contest. Now, it’s too late to vote! But you can still check out the Southern sayings. (I sent in “Hush up,” which is just about as Southern as it comes. It didn’t get picked. Maybe the folks at Deep South thought I was telling them to hush up.)

Anyway, you may recall that Deep South Magazine was the Market of the Month-and I didn’t waste any time sending over my essay, “Being Polite.” I’d be tickled to death if you gave it a read. You can’t make these things up, as they say.

Well, you can. But in this case, I didn’t. When I was visiting with family last week, an argument of sorts broke out as we all remembered that evening differently. In the end, my version prevailed as the truth. Mostly. Which just goes to show, you can’t put a roomful of Southerners in one place without folks making a fuss. (Coincidentally, another Southern expression I sent in.)

So, how about you? Do you have a favorite Southern saying? I’d really like to know.

Honest to Pete.

Market of the Month: Deep South Magazine

Sometimes, the oak-lined road beckons and you’ve just got to skedaddle down it.

Which explains the market of the month, Deep South Magazine. They’re looking for all kinds of pieces, Southern-style. That means articles, stories, poems, and whatever else you can drawl on and on about.

AND, I have a writing buddy who had a story accepted. Good to know since Deep South is a relatively new magazine. And P.S., she’s not even Southern. So, you can’t use that as an excuse not to submit to this lovely market.

Time for this little Georgia peach to get on down that road to publication. And best of luck to y’all.
(Thanks to Hope Clark’s FFW for this tip, and stock.xchng for the photo.)

ABC’s of Errant Parent

I just realized that errant parent, an online site of parenting hilarity and fun, is celebrating its first year anniversary (Technically, I didn’t “realize” it as much as I was sent an announcement email.). And then I realized (and technically, here, I actually did realize as a thought hit me square in the head) that I had a little something something to say about errant parent. Allow me to enumerate, using that clever A-B-C device:

A. errant parent makes me laugh out loud. And yes, I know that it’s a humor publication, but not all humor makes me laugh out loud. Humor’s funny that way.

B. I suggested a humor-writing friend send her stuff to errant parent and she’s in this anniversary issue.

C. I am not.

D. Assuming a big, giant ball of gas doesn’t fall on the earth at the exact spot where errant parent’s editor resides, you’ll see my contribution later. In August, I think. Now, don’t go worrying. I’ll toot about it (no gas pun intended).

E. If you are a parent (like me), and err on a regular basis (like me) and you can write edgy funny stuff (you thought I was going to say “like me.” But I’m the humble sort. And the rejected sort-I had to work on the edgy.), you should consider submitting to this market.

F. errant parent is a paying market (Whee-whee-wheee!).

G. Support your local humor markets so they can continue to make me say Whee-whee-whee! (Oh, and by local, I mean available throughout the world on the web).

So, I believe that concludes this morning’s schooling on errant parent (except for here). I kinda thought my A-B-C list would make its points using the actual letters of the alphabet, but that seemed like an awful lot of work. And then around letter D., I realized I was not going to get all the way to Z. Or even M. I’m sorry if this has caused you any distress. On the other hand, I did a whole lot of realizing today, and I feel pretty good about that.