Finding Something Friday: Flashlight Memories at Silver Boomer Books

When I was looking for the Market of the Month, I came across a note I’d made about Flashlight Memories. But alas (and alack, even), submissions are due by March 15th! Technically, that would be a Market for the Half-Month.

But why should I let a few days keep you from submitting to a delightful anthology? Especially one by my friends over at Silver Boomer Books? And most especially for an anthology that’s so dear to my heart.

Flashlight Memories will features poems and prose re: childhood reading. Oh, it makes me smile, just thinking about “A Pickle for a Nickel.” Or the Just So Stories. Or reading in my secret hideout with- you guessed it- a flashlight. In fact, I have so many childhood memories about reading, it’ll be hard to choose just one to write.

So, I have to run. By the time I decide what to write, the month will be half over!

What Not to Do Wednesday on Finding the Write Market

About 47 minutes into my work day here, I thought of something I used to do when it came to finding the right market. Notice, grasshopper, that I said used to do. As in the past, way back when, long, long ago.

Okay, maybe it was just last year. That’s not the point. The point is, I have learned my lesson when it comes to finding the right market for my work. And now, I’m passing along that lesson to you: Research, Research, research.

Here’s what Used To Do Cathy C. Hall did when it came to finding a market:

Step 1. Thumb through market listings in Writer’s Market, or Duotrope’s Digest, or any market newsletters I might have on hand. (So far, so good.)

Step 2. Find a market that accepts what I’m looking to place. (Sounds reasonable, right?)

Step 3. Go online and check out market for guidelines and such. (Of course, I’d do that. I’m a pro, you know.)

Step 4. Submit. (Wheeeee!)

Well, that plan looks jim-dandy, doesn’t it? Except for one teensy, little thing. It wasn’t working so well. Eventually, I woke up and smelled the step I was missing: Step 2a. Read the market.

See, I thought I’d take a shortcut. You know, scan the masthead, give the market a real good skim, even peruse a page or two.

Don’t do that, grasshopper. Unless you like rejection. Take the time to read the entire magazine or webzine, or at least as much as is available online. Or check out an anthology from the library and read the whole thing.

Yep, the whole thing. That way, you’ll get a good idea of the voice and style of the market. You can get a feel of what an editor likes. And that will tell you whether your work has a chance with that editor…or not.

And yes, grasshopper, it takes awhile. Which is why, here at the end of the day, I’ve only sent out one story. But midway through my market madness, I had to update my website. Which I should have done last month. But that’s an entirely different What Not To Do (Sheesh).

Market of the Month: Enchanted Conversation

It occurred to me that, at first sight, folks might not notice where I’ve added the Market of the Month over there (I’m pointing to my right. Would that be your left? Um, on the side where all the stuff is, okay?). So, I’m (sorta) pointing it out, as well as pointing out the whys and whatnots of adding a Market of the Month.

These will be markets I like, markets that pay, and markets that I’ll be challenging you to submit to. Whenever you drop in, you’ll see the market and think, “I should give this a go.” If for no other reason so that you can say,”Ha-ha, Cathy C. Hall! I’m published there and you’re not!”

Except for this month. ‘Cause I’m published in Enchanted Conversation. So I’m kinda one up on you. Unless you start writing right now and submit! Later this month, we’ll try a new market, and if you get published, I’ll toot my horn for you! And if I get published, I’ll say, “Ha-ha-ha!”

Oh, and just in case you happen to notice my face over there among the followers? All I can say is that, in my attempt to follow one of my followers’ blogs, I inadvertently followed myself. And now I don’t know how to un-follow myself. So, yeah, I feel pretty ridiculous. And I know exactly what you’re thinking.