Got Crafts?

The closer I get to Thanksgiving, the craftier I feel about the holidays. Not that I’m craft-tastic or even remotely craftilicious. But, what I lack in being able to do in crafts, I more than make up in thinking up crafts. Which brings me to Highlights Magazine and what those fine editors need (craft-wise) and in the activities/puzzle department:


One-page Activities of all kinds, up to 300 words, Linda Rose, Assistant Editor

  • Indoor and outdoor games that involve exercise, creativity, and/or humor
  • Activities and games that kids can do whether they’re on their own or with others
  • Projects that will result in a new hobby or skill and/or a quality finished product
  • Magic tricks

We prefer activities that require neither parental supervision nor materials kids aren’t likely to have handy.

Short Puzzles, Games, Recipes, and Activities, Manuscript Submissions

  • Art activities
  • World-cultures activities
  • History and geography puzzles
  • Logic puzzles
  • Math puzzles
  • Codes

Any activities that easily lend themselves to strong visuals are a huge plus!

Crafts, Manuscript Submissions

  • World-cultures crafts (general or holiday-specific)
  • Crafts that encourage play (musical instruments, costumes, etc.)
  • Games
  • Gifts
  • Crafts for all holidays except Valentine’s Day

Please send a photo or sample of the craft.

Send magazine submissions to
Highlights for Children
803 Church Street
Honesdale, PA 18431


Puzzlemania, our puzzle book club for children ages 6—10, is in need of word puzzles—crosswords, word searches, logic puzzles, word scrambles, and codes. For detailed submissions guidelines, visit Go to About Us/Contributor Guidelines/Puzzles. Send puzzle submissions to

Maybe you noticed that you need to send a sample of the craft. Trust me when I tell you that the fine editors are not looking for works of art. I think as long as you have a reasonable facsimile of your wonderful craft, you’ll be okay. Which is a good thing. Because the crafts I imagine never look as good as the crafts I make!

Once Upon A Time Thinking

Once upon a time, long, long ago (Okay, actually, it was about two years ago) I ordered a single issue of a magazine called, Once Upon A Time. I liked it, too. But then, time passed (about two years, actually) and I forgot all about  that magazine till the other day when I saw a mention of it again.

So, I took another look at this market and had a thought or two.

Thought One: This market publishes 25 to 30 freelance subs every issue on writing. Specifically, on children’s writing. What a coincidence! I write for children. I like to be paid most of the time, and this is not a paying market. So if you’ve got a big hangup about payment issues, this may not be a market for you. But if you’d like to share what you’ve learned, sort of passing along the gift of your experience, this may be the perfect market for you. Check out the submission guidelines here if you’ve already come up with a great idea.


Thought Two: Do you belong to a writer’s group? Because it seems to me that a group of like-minded individuals, striving to reach the same goal, might be interested in some of the same magazines, like Once Upon A Time. What if, as a group, you purchased a subscription and then shared the mag? Granted, a monthly magazine might be a bit of a logistics nightmare for 6 or 8 people to share. But, a magazine that’s published four times a year is perfect for share-reading, right? Especially when economic times are a bit stretched. And now that I think about it, sharing mags is kind of a green thing, too. So, everybody wins!

Just a thought or two. And now, I think I may share a thought or two with the editors at Once Upon a Time.

What I’m Reading (Hint: Goodreads)

I intended to work on my children’s book today. Really. But one thing led to another and then poof! My writing time disappeared. But if I can’t work on my own book, I can at least get inspiration from some of the books I’ve been reading.

Speaking of which,  what I’m reading is one of the things that led me away from writing today. I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure out how to put my Goodreads widget-ty thing here. And finally, poof! It appeared! (I’m still not sure how.) Anyway, maybe you’ll get inspired by the same delightful books I’ve been reading lately. Whether you’re writing or not.