Once Upon A Time Thinking

Once upon a time, long, long ago (Okay, actually, it was about two years ago) I ordered a single issue of a magazine called, Once Upon A Time. I liked it, too. But then, time passed (about two years, actually) and I forgot all about  that magazine till the other day when I saw a mention of it again.

So, I took another look at this market and had a thought or two.

Thought One: This market publishes 25 to 30 freelance subs every issue on writing. Specifically, on children’s writing. What a coincidence! I write for children. I like to be paid most of the time, and this is not a paying market. So if you’ve got a big hangup about payment issues, this may not be a market for you. But if you’d like to share what you’ve learned, sort of passing along the gift of your experience, this may be the perfect market for you. Check out the submission guidelines here if you’ve already come up with a great idea.


Thought Two: Do you belong to a writer’s group? Because it seems to me that a group of like-minded individuals, striving to reach the same goal, might be interested in some of the same magazines, like Once Upon A Time. What if, as a group, you purchased a subscription and then shared the mag? Granted, a monthly magazine might be a bit of a logistics nightmare for 6 or 8 people to share. But, a magazine that’s published four times a year is perfect for share-reading, right? Especially when economic times are a bit stretched. And now that I think about it, sharing mags is kind of a green thing, too. So, everybody wins!

Just a thought or two. And now, I think I may share a thought or two with the editors at Once Upon a Time.

Got Poetry Smarts?

Kidmagwriters.com is looking for someone to write a column about poetry forms. I suppose it would be a huge plus if you actually wrote children’s poetry. Then, when you were going on and on and on about a specific poetry form, like, oh I don’t know…whatever…you could write a poem, explaining the form.

I think you might need to actually know quite a bit about poetry, too. Guess I’ll be passing on this market. Not because I don’t LOVE poetry (I do!) And not because it’s not a paying market (tons of exposure here!). Mostly because I can’t think of a poetry form…

Wait! Would a limerick do?

There once was a writer named Cath, who wouldn’t get out of her bath.

I think so much better, when my brain is wetter

So bring on my homework in Math!!

Hey, maybe I should rethink this whole thing?  Contact the editor at kidmagwriters.com…before I do.