Finding Something Friday: Writer Beware

I expect if you’ve been writing, you’ve been taken advantage of, writing-wise, somehow, some way. Which is really annoying, because writing’s hard enough as it is.

That’s why a group of brilliant writers banded together to bring the world Writer Beware. You’ve probably heard of this site, and know you can go there to get valuable information about scams and scoops, and help with your “problems or pitfalls” in publishing.

But did you know Writer Beware had a blog, brought to you by the same three authors? Not only do they bring you up-to-the-minute publishing news, but they also have links to tons of great blogs-agents, editors and info. It’s a quick way to find some of the best writing resources available on the ‘net.

Which is really swell, because I’ve got enough to do, producing scathingly brilliant writing.

(P.S. There’s still time to comment for The Quick and the Thread. I’ll leave the giveaway open till Monday so weekend visitors can have a chance to win this fun read. But it’d be really, really swell if you commented on that post.)