Tuesday Tip: Clearing Contacts

I don’t really understand “the internets” all that well. But occasionally, I’m forced to figure out some internet-related glitch. So what I usually do is a. turn off my computer or b. scream at “the internets.”

Neither of these approaches worked very well when the Beneficent Mr. Hall had his Facebook account hacked into. Suddenly, very interesting, not to mention titillating messages were sent to his flock of friends. Which numbers about 10. Seriously.

Still. It was unnerving. Especially in light of the fact that the Beneficent Mr. Hall’s email account had been hacked-twice. Unfortunately, there were quite a few more contacts in that account, including business contacts. Um, oopsies!

So, what to do? For the Facebook account, he went all Terminator on it (I mean, who can blame him? The internet demons seem to have targeted him). He tried to terminate his email account, too, but couldn’t figure out how. So he cleared out all the contacts.

Which brings us to our Tuesday Tip. You never know when the internet demons might attack. You can have all kinds of internet protection in place, but you could still get hit. So, you might want to be careful about holding on to tons of contacts.

I go through my contacts and get rid of dated ones, but recently, I had a TON of editor/submission contacts hanging about in my email. Imagine if the editor at a Christian anthology received a very interesting, not to mention titillating message from yours truly.

She’d probably go all Terminator on me. So clean out those business contacts, just to be on the safe side. Oh, and change up your passwords once in awhile, to keep the demons on their toes.

And go ahead and scream at the computer. That always makes me feel better.

(P.S. If one of you, my personal and very bestest friend contacts, should get a very interesting, not to mention titillating message from me, please know that’s it’s not from me. Probably.)

Finding Something Friday: Got Any (Writing) Eggs?

I’ve come across more than a few good (writing) eggs this week, so I’m just going to throw them out there (carefully).

Calls for Submissions:

Writer’s Market is looking for article pitches for the 2012 edition. You don’t have to be that famous writer, where everybody knows your name. You just have to have a great idea about writing. And get that idea to the editor by 8/31.

Robert Brewer is also looking for ideas for his Poet’s Market 2012. Got a brilliant idea on how to market your poetry? Bet he’d like to see it (by 9/7).

Cup of Comfort for Christian Women’s deadline is right around the …um, next week! If you have a comforting story of faith, write it and send by 8/15!

Free Tips that Won’t be Free Next week:

How to Build a Rabid Following on Twitter, courtesy of blogging guru, Jonathan Morrow. Watch and learn!

Is This the Secret to Building a Popular Blog?, also courtesy of Mr. Morrow. Now, I can’t help it if you click too late. He’ll be pulling these great instructional videos any day now for his paid webinar.

A Bonus Freebie:

If you read Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers free newsletter, you know she is a font of markets, contests, grants and more. But have you checked out her Tweetbooks yet? When I renewed my paid subscription for Total FFW, I got this fabulous deal of 8 Tweetbooks with the price of my renewal. BUT, if you just want to see what the Tweetbook fuss is about, she offers a free download. I think it’s Poetry Markets right now. So you’ve got nothing to lose-and 20 markets to gain!

Want to Win a Book?

Blogger buddy Karen over at The Absinthe Road is giving away TWO copies of her poetry collection, Three Thousand Doors. Comment anytime during August.

Blogger buddy LuAnn is giving away a copy of Margaret Norton’s memoir, When Ties Break. Comment by 8/11 if you’d like a chance to win this powerful memoir.

Blogger buddy Donna is sponsoring a fun contest where you can win a book, or a critique and um, bubble gum. That’s right, bubble gum. You’ve got till 8/15 till the bubble pops on that one.

Oh, and I’ll be giving away a really sweet book myself next week on What Not To Do Wednesday. So I know you’ll be busy, what with winning books, writing pitches and essays, and downloading tips. BUT I expect to see you all back here, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to win a wonderful (writing) egg next week!

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What Not To Do Wednesday On Money (It’s a Gas)

Oh, yeah. Pink Floyd singing Money. It’s a gas, all right. As long as the money’s rolling in. But sometimes, we have to put the brakes on a job when there’s no money in sight.

I’ve had a few situations recently that had me thinking about money, grasshopper…

In the first instance, what I thought was a paying market turned out to be a non-paying market. So, I had to do some considering. But here’s what not to do: don’t be afraid to speak up if a market changes their pay procedure during the submission process.

The other situation involved a job discussion that was going back and forth in the most delightful way- till the money I wanted didn’t coincide with what the client wanted to pay.

So here’s the thing, grasshopper. Know thyself, where money is concerned. If you want to get paid for your work, set your fee. There’s no need for long explanations. Ideally, you’ve done your research and know what’s a fair price for the work you do, whether it’s editing or essays or writing on the wall.

Sometimes, you’ll make money. And sometimes, a client will drop off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. Unlike Pink Floyd. They just keep on going-and making money. (Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.)