Is Winning in the Stars?

So, you didn’t win the last book giveaway. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try again.

Bonnie Hearn Hill is over at Finders and Keepers today with answers to writing Young Adult fiction. And she’s over there on a blog book tour with her newest book, Aries Rising. Which is a romance/fantasy, brimming over with all things astrological.

I was kinda hoping Bonnie would tell this Libra all kinds of wonderful things about her writing future. And she did give me some advice. But honestly, I don’t think you’d need to check the stars for that!

(Want to know what she said? You’ll have to zip over here to Finders and Keepers -and leave a comment at F & K if you want to win a fun YA read! )

Finding Something Friday : Laptops and YALitchat

Let me begin by saying I LOVE MY NEW LAPTOP! (I’m saying that extra loud, just in case PC is listening.) I know we’re not supposed to love things, but I can’t help myself. PC has these amazingly mad skills.

There’s just one eensy-teensy problem. (And now I’m whispering because I don’t want PC’s feelings to get hurt any more than they already are.) I can’t always figure out how to make these mad skills work. It’s not him-it’s me. But after spending 45 minutes with PC, trying to move a simple thing around on the Hall of Fame (and making some updates), I finally had to give up and move to my desktop computer (where I zipped through the tasks in 10 minutes). So, today you’ll find a few changes here at Cathy C.’s Hall of Fame. And hopefully, PC and I will work through this “bad patch” and everything will be hunky-dory again between us.

Here’s something else I love: YALitchat! Since my latest work-in-progress is Young Adult, I’ve been zipping around, looking for interesting YA sites and such. When I found YALitchat (a community for folks who write, read and live YA), I knew I’d found a spot with amazingly good stuff, like agents, contests, and writing support. So, you can find me there, hanging out, soaking it all in. You can friend me, too, if you’re there.

But um, keep it on the down low. I’m not sure how PC feels about my virtual friends.