Halloween Temptation

halloween 002I am NOT going to write a story for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest.

I’m terribly behind in all kinds of work.

Then again, a wee break to read a couple Halloween stories, one hundred words or less…

I laughed, I sighed, I imagined all sorts of frightfully fun pictures. But I am not going to write a story.

Reading stories, though, that’s a different matter. So many friends I recognized. A few more chuckles, noting the clever use of the words “broomstick” and “pumpkin” and “creak” and how I might use those same words in my story and GET THEE BEHIND ME, HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST.

Aw, pfffft. Self-control (and work) is highly overrated.



My story for  Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest:


The Scariest Thing Ever


Penelope Witch’s stomach growled.

She hitched up her broomstick. “I’ve got a craving for a wicked treat!”

“Be careful,” said Mother. “Those horrible monsters! The howling and screeching, the wailing and whining!”

“I’ll be extra careful,” said Penelope.

Penelope parked and shuddered. An eerie light loomed ahead.

A door opened with a creak, and a shiver tingled down her spine.

She tiptoed past terrors, large and small, trembling in her boots.

At last, she reached out her hand—and shrieked!

“What’s got into her?” asked the grocery store clerk.

The baker pointed to a sign: Pumpkin Pie—Sold Out!