TV Research and Writing

file511249349101I read something recently about millennials and TV and their viewing habits but what struck me most was the number of hours they were watching daily. I think the average was around four hours. Four hours! That seems like a lot of TV.

Even though I work at home, I don’t have the TV on during the day unless it’s a weekend afternoon and there’s football. Or baseball. Or golf. But even then, I’m not watching so much as pacing. Getting stuff done and checking scores. Because if I sit to watch, it gets a little scary. Not for me so much, but Mister Man has been known to run screaming from the room when I get worked up.

But in the evenings, I watch a little TV for relaxation purposes. I have specific programs I like so I’ll watch for an hour or so and I’m done. Which is a long way to go to get to The Voice and how I love it. And how it inspired my latest post over at The Muffin called “Turning An Agent’s Chair.”

The writing of that post was downright zippy, but the research? That took hours.

Two Things Thursday: Comps and WriteonCon

WascotNinja-300x250So today, in keeping with Two Things Thursday, it’s going to be short and sweet.

Short, because comp is the shortened version of the term, “comparable” or even “comparative.” And in my post over at The Muffin today, I explain a little something something about comps: how they work in general, and how they can work for you. If you have a manuscript–from picture book to adult fiction, including non-fiction–then understanding comps can be very helpful in your pitch and query journey.

And sweet, because WriteOnCon (a FREE online children’s writers conference, created for writers, by writers) has announced their list of agents and opened their forum. That means that you can post your query, or read other queries, and get ready for the fun ‘n games to begin.

So read up on comps and apply to WriteonCon. (And that’s another two things, thank you very much!)