Keeping Up With The Joneses (Assuming They Have a Blog)

ImageI’m a creature of habit. A boring trait, I know, but it has its merit.

Take my organizational habit. I never waste time looking for my glasses. I keep my reading classes next to my laptop, my sunglasses with my car keys, and my other glasses next to the chair where I watch TV. See how swell that habit works?

But if a glitch comes about, it’s not so swell. For instance, about a month ago, the battery on my laptop quit holding a charge. Which means I have to stay plugged in whenever I work on the laptop. That’s not a problem when I’m writing. I sit at my desk to work and all’s right with the (writing) world.

But reading–catching up on newsletters, blogs, and posts I’ve earmarked–is not an activity I do whilst sitting at the desk. Mostly, I do that sort of reading whilst I’m sitting in that chair, watching TV. (It’s not easy, either, what with the glasses I must juggle). I watch an inning, then read. Or I’ll read during commercials. Or if I’m particularly annoyed, I’ll read during an inning (or quarter). The point is, that’s my habit. But with my battery problem, I’m afraid I’ve missed some of my favorite reading.

So if you haven’t seen me lately at your blog, at least now you know why. And I shall return. Assuming I ever get around to buying a new battery.