So You Want a Signed E-book…

You may be in luck! Thanks to my in-the-know writer friend, Suzanne Lilly (who coincidentally blogs as TeacherWriter) I found out about Kindlegraph.

Kindlegraph “lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures (‘kindlegraphs’) directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans.” A smart fellow by the name of Evan Jacobs came up with the idea, and it’s an application that’s growing every day. There are other applications out there, too. Autography is a service that allows ebook signing as well as photographs with authors.

Ebook signings will never take the place of that moment when you (or Cathy-on-a-Stick) gets to meet a real live author, gush about his or her book, and mug for a photo. But it can provide one more way to connect with readers. And I think that may be a good thing.