Fun Friday Finds Awkwardness

As I was saying, I spent a day, going through pics (like this one) and racking my brain, trying to come up with ideas for the Hallmark Card Competition. The theme, I should mention, was teens and birthdays and teens and Valentine’s Day. Piece ‘o cake, right?

Um…birthdays, fine. Valentine’s Day, not so much. Because eventually, I realized that it was supposed to be cards from adults to teens, not teens to teens. All I’m saying is that if you start thinking about Valentine’s cards from an adult to a teen, your brain strays into a very weird, pretty awkward place. Or maybe that’s just me.

The point is, all that awkwardness reminded me of Awkward Family Photos. Which has very little, if anything, to do with writing–or even a card competition (because you can’t use other people’s photos without permission). But it has a lot to do with awkward hilarity. And made me feel a whole lot better about the hours I spent, trying to write a funny Valentine’s card from an adult to a teen.

(And made me wonder about this: if you know enough to send your pic into Awkward Family Photos, why would you have that pic in the first place? Or is that just me?)