When Blunders Pay

So according to Merriam-Webster a blunder is a “gross error or mistake, resulting usually from stupidy, ignorance, or carelessness.”

I’d be a a very rich writer if I could earn money from my bucket o’ blunders. But maybe this time, I’ll get a blunder or two to pay off. Because Birds and Blooms is sponsoring a Backyard Blunder Contest. All I need to do is a. write 400 words or less about a funny birding or gardening blunder, b. send it in by March 15th and c. win the $500!

Easy-peasy. What may be a tad more difficult is really honing in on what a backyard blunder is. Because I’m not sure that picking up a hanging plant and throwing it three stories off our deck to make my point, could be classified, technically, as careless. Stupid, yes.  Hilarious, definitely. But there was no mistaking what I meant.