Blogher, Tags, and The Divorce Girl

Hmmm…that’s a strange title for a post, isn’t it? But it’ll make sense (and it’s all connected!) when I explain:

First, I added that little blog bling thingie (It’s over there on the sidebar. You did notice it, right?) because Blogher picked up one of my guest posts over at The Muffin.

Er, not that post. The post I wrote about tagging and how checking off those tags is a really helpful thing to do in the selling-books department.

And speaking of really helpful things, let’s talk about blogging. If you’re blogging for fun and pure enjoyment, then honestly, you can do whatever you want (well, within legal limits and such). But if you’re a writer/artist who’s blogging to build a platform or increase exposure or promote your work, then it’s a good idea to be mindful of what you’re putting out there on the wide world of the web. Your blog is you. Your style, your voice, your thoughts. So give it your best effort because you never know what good things may follow.

(Um, it may follow that people steal material off your blog without crediting you. That is not a good thing. So check your name regularly, and if you find someone lifting your work, without your permission, nip it in the bud.)

I was excited when Blogher contacted me about the post the editor wanted to spotlight. But I wouldn’t have had that opportunity if WOW! Women-on-writing hadn’t given me the opportunity to contribute to The Muffin (You can contribute to the Muffin on Fridays when they host a Friday Speak Out like this one. Details for contributing are at the end of the post.) And I wouldn’t be posting over at The Muffin if the editor at WOW! hadn’t read my blog and liked my voice.

See how it’s all connected? (I’m hearing “It’s a Small World” in my head. Okay, now, I’m singing it. Hold on a sec–)

So, put your best blog foot forward. (Oh! But first, zip over to this post about The Divorce Girl to leave a comment. I’ll be drawing a name TOMORROW to win a copy of this engaging YA/Adult novel on a WOW! Blog Book Tour!)


Home, Sweet (Writing) Home

I know people who redecorate their homes constantly–and those (like my mom) who fix it up once, dust off their hands, and never look back. I’m sort of in the middle when it comes to decorating. Mostly, because as time goes by, my taste changes.

When it comes to my writing home, I’ll do a make-over as well. Not so much because my taste changes but because what I want my blog to do changes.

These days, I need my blog to serve the same purpose as my website did–giving my credentials–and using the page function works perfectly to that end. So I spruced up those pages a bit. And it’s easy to add (or take away) information whenever I like.

I wanted to keep my blog relevant and continue to add content that might be helpful to my faithful readers. So I made the front page my blog posts. But I started thinking about new folks who might visit and what I wanted them to see when they landed on my front page.

Well, obviously I want them to be completely enamored with Cathy C. Hall! But since that’s a stretch, even for the Beneficent Mr. Hall, I figured I’d settle for “interested enough in Cathy C. Hall to want to keep up with her.” So I made sure that I had plenty of ways for new readers to do just that (Facebook, Twitter, SCBWI, email).

I’m still tweaking because I’m still thinking about what I want my writing home to be. What about you? When was the last time you looked at your writing home with a discerning eye? Are you getting the most bang for your buck?

If you’re like me, you’ve put a lot of hard work into your blog (or website), so it’s worth the effort to make it home, sweet writing home. And honestly, it’s way easier than stripping that 80’s wallpaper.