Holy Moly (And Book Signings)

ImageI woke up this morning to the Beneficent Mr. Hall telling me that Pope Benedict XVI would resign.

I’m still sort of reeling from that news. I mean, Popes don’t resign. Well, not since the Middle Ages.

And Popes are not like Presidents. Presidents retire to their nice homes and catch up with the family, maybe do a little horseback riding, golf, get in a strip poker game for a change. Occasionally, a former President will get a call along the lines of “When you were president, what did you do?” But I think most of the time, the new guy wants to go it alone, make the job his own.

So what do you do with a resigned Pope? It’s…it’s unprecedented is what it is. The new Pope will most likely be named on Easter, so I suppose we shall all have to wait and see what happens in this historic moment.

Meanwhile, I wrote about Authorgraph and the age of digital book signings over at The Muffin.

Pope Benedict is a multi-published author, you know. Maybe he’ll finally have time to send out a couple personal inscriptions to his readers.

Just a thought.