Hey Readers, Could You Help A Writing Sister Out?

Any day now, I’ll be getting my box of books from Publishing Syndicate. And when I open that box, I’m going to find…



So generally, when I have a box full of books, I have a giveaway or two for all you lovely blog readers. And I send a book to the parents and maybe a writing friend or two. And then I put the rest of the books here:


Er…that’s my office, under-the-daybed storage area.

Now honestly, I always have great plans. I think, “I’m going to have a book signing! I’m going to take these books out into the world and sell ’em!” Except that I don’t quite get ’round to it.

But this time, friends, is different. This time, I happened to see something about our church’s Fall Festival on the day I got the email saying my books were forthcoming. So this time, I actually did something.

I signed on for a booth at the Fall Festival (September 28th). I’m going to sell Not Your Mother’s Book on Home Improvement and donate the proceeds from the sale to the church’s building fund. (See how great that connection is? Home Improvement–Building fund. Proceeds to church–Heavenly rewards)

Yep, it’s all swell, right? Except…

Except I’ve never done a book signing at an event. And I’m a wee bit nervous about the whole thing. But I know that many of my blog readers have done book signings/sales, so I was wondering if you could help a writing sister out?

I would so appreciate anything you pass along. I’d feel much better about the event if I went to the festival armed with great tips and advice.

And books. I’d really like to have that box of books with me.

Writer Training: Write, Edit, Submit

3children_at_TybeeTomorrow is my mom’s birthday so I’m zipping through business and packing up cupcakes and clothes and cold cream (That’s what Mom asked for–I didn’t know you could still buy cold cream) for a little visit. But I don’t think I’m going to get my submission for Not Your Mother’s Book on Being a Mom finished before I go.

You remember the Not Your Mother’s Book series, right? There are so many of these titles–on moms, cats, golf, RV’s–well, it’s just a smorgasbord of subjects is what it is. If you can’t find a subject to write about then you’re not looking.

And if you’re not writing to submit, then you’re not going anywhere. So how about you pick a title and write a story? Whip out a first draft while you’re sitting in the van, waiting for baseball practice to end. Pen a story instead of watching TV. Make an outline in your head while you’re washing your hair.

Then edit and polish and submit. Make the time to work on it, little by little, till you have a story that’s good to go. It’s important that you write to submit because you’ll write better, knowing that someone else will be reading your work. Not the someone elses in your critique group (though a critique group can be tougher than an editor!). Not your loving mate. Not your friends. Not even your mother.

Send out your story to an editor. Because it’s the little steps along the way that train you up as a writer. Sort of like a mom training up a kid in the way she hopes that kid will go.

My mom did a pretty good job, training me up. Maybe I’ll finish that story before I go, after all.