Business Cards for Writers

Oh, happy day! My NEW business cards came in the mail last week!

And I was just going to splat them up here on the old blog. You know, show off my mad business card designing skills. But then I realized I had a WOW! post so I thought why not share the cards and a little bit of my process in designing the cards?

So if you’re a writer who’s been thinking about designing a new card–or maybe just trying to decide IF you need a business card (Hint: You do!), you might want to zip over to the Muffin and read “Business Card Love.”

Then you can see my new cards and give me your ideas about what you like to see in a writer’s business card. Because honestly, it’s only a matter of time before I’m gonna need a new business card. (Wheee!)

(P.S. I used Vistaprint for these cards, and I highly recommend them for both price and quality.)

What Not To Do Wednesday on Business Cards

Every time I think I’m doing something swell (writerly speaking), I forget about the ripples. You know what I mean about the ripples? Like when you drop a pebble in the water and the ripples expand outward, affecting the waters further and further away?

So I’ve been researching agents and editors for the Rutgers conference (and I have found SO many wonderful sites/blogs packed with great info! I’ll share those soon!) and I came across a blog post from a writer who’d attended in the past and she mentioned business cards. And I thought,  thank goodness, I have plenty of business cards. Because I have THREE different–no, FOUR different business cards.

And then one of those ripples banged into me. Self, I said, you better check your business cards since you’ve made some changes lately. And uh-oh. Most of the cards had the Hall of Fame blog on it.  A few had my old website. Which means I’ve been blithely handing out business cards for the past…let’s see, 9 months, with outdated information.

Oy. I suppose I don’t need to tell you that I was pretty annoyed with myself, grasshopper. I should make a checklist of “What To Do When Changing Your Web Presence” rather than what I do do, which is changing one thing, then catching up with the ripples as they inevitably bang into me. Don’t do that, grasshopper. Make your checklist, and put “Check/change business cards” on the top of the list. Then you can do a happy dance (like me!) when the NEW BUSINESS CARDS arrive from Vistaprint! And P.S. I also ordered a sheet of sticky business card labels that I could slap on a manuscript, which I thought was scathingly brilliant, not to mention ripple-evading.

(If I’m being perfectly honest, I love designing business cards. But you probably had an inkling of that when you read about the four business cards, piled in my desk drawer.)