Friday’s Fun Find: Wonderful Fundraisers By Writers

DSC03525-BMy lovely friend, Suzanne, dunked herself with ice and threw out the ALS challenge to yours truly. And I recruited Cathy-on-a-Stick (unbeknownst to the little pic) to stand in for me. But one thing led to another while I was visiting dear old Dad, and before you could say, “Aiiieeee! That’s cold!”, I was on my way home and the moment for dunking had passed. And the ALS organization had raised tons of money!

Still, I wanted to give in some way to somebody. And then along came a heads up through 12 x 12 about an editor who’s Racing for Cancer Research. Gee, I thought, that’s an excellent cause–I mean, if you’re gonna run, might as well be running for a good reason–plus, this young woman will provide a critique of 1500 words in exchange for a $25 donation. So I thought, as I’m a writer, that might be fun and certainly worthwhile.

So I figured, okay, that’s who’ll get my check. But then, another writer friend posted about Jean Reidy and how she’s raising money for Reach Out and Read Colorado. And I fell in love with this program of doctors and nurses, giving books to our youngest readers. And then Jean Reidy (and I love her books, too!) sweetened her cause by giving those who donated $5 a chance to win one of a number of prizes.

Well.  Now I’d found two lovely causes that needed my help–and I thought you, as writers and readers, might be interested, too.

So thank you to Suzanne who gave me a push to think about helping others. Sorry I didn’t get to the dunk, but I will get to the writing of checks.

(And as an added bonus, Cathy-on-a-Stick has come out of hiding.)