Friday’s Fun Find: Erma Bombeck (Sort of)

Good old Erma Bombeck, right? I get the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop newsletter in my inbox, and I laughed out loud when I read about how she penned her own obituary while on a Grand Canyon trek.

Erma was a hoot. But you know what? I know a lot of women writers who are a hoot. I read their funny stories on their blogs, and sometimes, I laugh out loud at the comments they leave here at my blog.

And I think it’s about time some of you funny ladies shared your wit with Erma (and the blog of the workshop carrying her name). You can send your funny musings to

I might even dust off the wit and send something myself. I mean, I’m a hoot and a half, according to the Beneficent Mr. Hall. (I think it’s supposed to be a compliment, right?)