Tooting My Horn Tuesday on Whispering Prairie Press

ImageSo, yes, I’ve already trumpeted this success across the social media world. But not everyone’s blithely following along on Facebook, so for you, and you up front, and you, way back in the last row, I’m tooting my horn.

I won first place in the flash fiction contest at Whispering Prairie Press!

Now, honestly, I’ve been so entrenched in my novels that I haven’t worked on flash in a while. But I pulled up a story that I love–a story where I’d received some nice feedback–and as soon as I read through it, I could see what needed tweaking. So I worked some edits and sent it off.

That’s what working on your craft will do–no matter what kind of fiction you’re crafting. You get better. And then you apply what you’ve learned to whatever you’re writing.

So that’s a Tuesday Tip, too, I guess. Keep writing and you will get better.

(And maybe you’ll even win a sweet little cash prize from Whispering Prairie Press!)