February’s Fine Writing Finds

valentines-daySo we’re coming down to the end of the February stretch and I thought I’d share the best of the month’s finds.

(I had planned to make that a regular feature last year, since I started the Monthly Writing Notes System. Somehow, that part of the system never got off the ground. Until now! Wheee!)

  1. The James Cross Giblin Scholarship Fund through the Highlights Foundation: If you have a passion for juvenile nonfiction and a strong talent for it as well, you are in luck. With this scholarship, you could find the support you need to attend one of the fine nonfiction writing programs offered at Highlights this year. I know a couple of the people giving these workshops and they’re just amazing, so please give yourself and your nonfiction a chance. Check out the James Cross Giblin Scholarship today!
  2. The Write Now, Make Books for kids of all ages: Maya Gonzalez is a children’s book author and artist who has set up a site to help kids write their own books. And no, it’s not for adults who will read all the amazing information and then guide the kids through the process. It’s for kids, to do themselves. How cool is that? I’m afraid I have no Junior Halls to test drive this program, but it looks swell, and I’d love to hear from any of you mom or teacher writers if your kids/students use this program.
  3. Hiveword, an online fiction organizer (and Writer’s Knowledge Base): If you have trouble with organizing, Hiveword is the tool for you. It won’t help you with the mess in the kitchen or the stacks of papers in a chair in your office (more’s the pity on that one!) but it will help you get those notes in order on that novel you’ve vowed to finish this year.And it’s free! So far, I’ve just played around a bit as I’m not exactly in the middle of a novel. Or at the start of a novel, for that matter. But it looks easily accessible and that’s a big plus in my book. And if you have time to fall into a delightful writing rabbit hole, then check out Writer’s Knowledge Base. (But you might want to leave a trail of crumbs to find your way out again…)

So write on, friends, and I’ll share more with you come the end of March! (She said earnestly but knowing that she might not get around to it. And yet she knew her readers would understand.)