Follow, Follow Your Dreams

Do you know the song, “Try to Remember” from the musical The Fantastiks? Jerry Orbach sang it when the show premiered in 1960…

I so love that song (and I kinda love Jerry Orbach, too, may he rest in peace). But I’m sharing “Try to Remember” today because we’re starting a new year.

“Deep in December, it’s nice to remember, although you know the snow will follow…”

(And yes, it’s January, but who can rhyme lyrics with January? Just follow me here, okay?)

“Try to remember when life was so tender, that dreams were kept beside your pillow.”

Did you want to grow up and write wonderful stories? Did you dream that people would read your novels and love ’em the way you loved a favorite book? When I was young and tender, I had those dreams…but I put them away for grown-up life and responsibilities. It was a very long time before I dug under my pillow and pulled those dreams out again.

And now I set goals to achieve those long-ago dreams. But unlike my dreams, my goals are concrete and very specific. For example, I write down “Read 5 books per month,” rather than “Read.” Or “Query highlighted agents in Guide to Literary Agents” rather than “Query.”

Of course, I don’t always accomplish my goals. But then I remember…

“Deep in December, it’s nice to remember, without a hurt, the heart is hollow.”

I pick myself up and start again. Because whatever your dream, it’s worth it.

“Deep in December, our hearts should remember, and follow. Follow, follow.”