Finding a (Misplaced) Keeper: Susie Magazine

So, I’m flipping through my all-important Book of Notes, wherein I write all my important um, notes, and I came across Susie Magazine.

I completely forgot to mention this new magazine a month or so ago when I wrote it down in the Book of Notes! But now Susie Magazine has launched its first issue, so you can see this new mag for yourself.

Here’s the scoop on Susie Magazine…when Susie Shellenberger (hope I spelled that one right!) found that Focus on the Family was closing up shop on Brio Magazine, she decided that was a very poor idea.  A good idea, she thought, would be to produce her own print magazine. After all, she’d been the editor of Brio for I don’t know how many years. So, she started a blog (where she’s giving away tons of freebies), asked girls what they wanted to read, rounded up writers, and snap! Susie Magazine for your Christ-centered teenager’s reading pleasure.

Want to write for Susie? Check out the magazine. Know a young teen that might want to read Susie? Pass it on. And maybe you better get right on that-before you misplace your notes!

How Do I Feel About Silverblade? Fantastic!

It’s not easy to find a children’s market for fantasy. Especially a paying market. Even if it’s for a wee amount.

Anyway, when I came across Silverblade, an online magazine that’s published quarterly, I hollered. Maybe I hollered in my head. Something like, “Yippee! Now I know where I can send that story!”

And as soon as I get a minute, I’ll send that story along. But right now, I’m putting the finishing touches on my Highlights Fiction Contest story. You still have time to put the finishing touches on your world cultures story.

Because that Highlights Contest is also a paying market. A HUGE, serious-hollering market.

It’s a New Day, a New Blog

And it’s all about finding the latest markets where my children’s writing might show up. Not that I don’t spread that news over at my writing blog. Just that now, I’m specializing.

So, to recap. Kid’s stuff here…writing stuff in general, there. And maybe some kid’s stuff still over there. Everyone’s who’s confused, raise your hand.


Sorry for the delay. My hand was raised.