No Shortcuts For You!

2013-06-04 22.53.53As many of you regular readers know, my critique partners are also bloggers (and wonderful friends!), so we often sort of wander off into blog stuff while we’re supposed to be doing critiquing stuff. But that’s okay because there’s always something we need to figure out. I’m pretty sure that the folks who thought up blogging sit around and say, “Hey! What can we change today that will really put all the bloggers into a big, ol’ dither?”

So. Debra Mayhew has been making some changes over at her blog and she stopped by yesterday, laptop in hand, for a little hands-on help. Um…we sort of figured out the problem (possibly added a few more problems to work out–oopsies!), but more importantly, we talked about writing, we laughed about writing, we griped about writing. In short, we shored up our sagging spirits for the long haul of this business we’re in.

Because my-oh-my, writing is a long haul. ¬†With no short cut to the success signpost. But there are a ton of writers out there who will join you for the ride, shoring you up. I read Kristen Lamb’s blog today about making it past the dip, and felt a teensy bit better about the manuscript dragging me way beyond a dip and all the way into a chasm.

I thought about my blogger critique buddies, too. Of Debra’s dip and how she keeps plugging away. Of Lisa and the new directions she’s fearlessly following.

And there are all of you, bloggers/writers I’ve never met but feel like I know so well. Probably because we’re all on the same journey. There’s nothing for it but to keep at it. And I’m ever so glad I have friends to keep me company.