Tooting My Horn Tuesday for Married Life!

Yeah, that’s right, married life. Because I got a lot of stories about married life and two of ’em are in the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Married Life. Yeah, that’s right. Two. Wheeee!

I love the subtitle of this one: 101 Inspirational Stories About Fun, Family and Wedded Bliss. And now I shall tell you why:

Long, long ago in a galaxy far away, stuff happened. But here on earth, not too terribly long ago, I married the Beneficent Mr. Hall. But he had a job in which he spent a great deal of time on the road. So whenever the old anniversary would roll around, say the 25th one (to pick a random number) I’d say, “Happy anniversary, Poopsie (to pick a random endearment)! Here we are,  fourteen years of wedded bliss!”

I think that’s hilarious. After 25 plus years of my anniversary catch phrase (though we’re up to about 17.5 years of wedded bliss now), the Beneficent Mr. Hall feels it has lost its appeal. Fortunately, the editors at Chicken Soup find my married life stories very appealing.

And though it sounds as if I’ve been going on quite a bit about myself, I should say that I wouldn’t have any stories if the Beneficent Mr. Hall hadn’t been around for the last 17.5 years, give or take a weekend or two.

(P.S. Yes, you can send in as many stories as you like to a Chicken Soup topic. I’ve never seen a name come up three times in a book, but I did see several other names come up twice in Married Life.  So give ’em all your best stories!)