Who’s That Mysterious Woman?

Final Front Cover ONLYThat Mysterious Womanv16No, not that mysterious woman. Though, honestly, I think she bears a pretty close resemblance to yours truly.

And speaking of yours truly, I have a story in this latest anthology from Mozark Press! “Bob,Old One Eye, and the Pirate Queen” is just oozing with mystery.

Well, maybe not oozing. But there is a mystery, not to mention a mysterious woman.

You know, it’s not so much a mystery as it is a cozy comedy. Where someone dies. And a parrot loses an eye. And an interesting pirate queen shows up, flaunting her…

Um…I think I’ll let you figure out that mystery for yourself. But there’s no mystery about where to find That Mysterious Woman. Check it out here or your favorite bookseller. (And pssst! There’s a Kindle edition, too!)

A Bucket of Byline Opportunities (And a Free Book!)

ImageGosh, we’re barreling into the end of the month and that means deadlines! So perhaps we should start with today’s deadline.

Simmer down, now, you don’t have to write anything for this deadline. But you do have to hustle over to Amazon (and yes, I know some of us are all in a snit about Amazon, but this is a FREE book so it’s not like we’re helping Amazon, right?)

Anyway, the book. It’s called Getting Published:How To Access Editors and it’s by Laura Purdie Salas who’s a poet, educator, and writer for children. And she also works as a mentor (Mentors for Rent) and writes books about the writing business. (See Getting Published: How to Access Editors). To be honest, we don’t have time to go on and on about how wonderful Laura is because that book’s only free TODAY.

Now the next deadline, I’m afraid, is coming up at the end of the month. But the topic is Potty Training (And Other Bathroom Mishaps). I mean, who doesn’t have a couple potty training/bathroom mishaps? I’m sure you can flush something out in no time at all. All you need is a can-do attitude. (Okay, I’ll stop now. But you have to admit I was on a roll. Um…yeah. Stopping now for reals.)

And now you have a bit of a breather because you have almost a month (Yay! A whole month!) to get your story for the latest call out from Mozark Press. This time around, the Shaker of Margaritas editors are looking for stories about That Mysterious Woman. And I’m not going to lie. I have quite the story for this anthology. Bwahahahahaaa.

You, however, are probably going to have to write something. So maybe you should get busy.

A Bad Hair Day Turned Funny

Remember back in the summer, when I shared a submissions opportunity with you about Shaker of Margaritas: Bad Hair Day? You may recall that my sainted mother had a few issues when I “tried to write funny.” Thankfully, Linda Fisher, editor over at Mozark Press, did not.

My story, “Fluffo vs. Charlotte,” is in this newest anthology, just released! In fact, I recognized quite a few writers with stories in this anthology. And P.S. I read all the stories in the proof, and laughed out loud at how really bad a bad hair day can be. Check out this post at the Mozark Press blog for a preview of the stories (and writers you know!).

You’ll laugh, too. And as my mother’s still recuperating from her fall, I’m thinking I know just what she needs to perk up her spirits. Even if she likes the other stories way better than mine.

(You can order your A Shaker of Margaritas: A Bad Hair Day here. And you can get the Kindle edition as well. Just a quick reminder, too, that even if you do not have a Kindle, you can download for FREE  the Kindle reading app for your PC.


Mozark Press Call Out and Trying to Be Funny

Mozark Press has a quick call out for humorous stories that I received while hanging out at the beach with my folks. Which is kinda funny…well, let me tell you about the call out first.

The editor is seeking humorous fiction for A Shaker of Margaritas: A Bad Hair Day and you must submit by July 15th. So you probably want to go straight over here for all the submission details. It sounds like a fun premise, and the stories in the Shaker of Margaritas series are always a hoot, so I hope I can come up with something soon. Though I don’t know how good it’ll be if I need to write a humorous story.

See, I brought my mom and dad a handful of Chicken Soup books on this last visit: Chicken Soup’s Messages From Heaven, Boost Your Brain, and Married Life. All books that you may recall have a story from yours truly (also known as their loving daughter). My mom finally got around to reading my contributions (after I’d left) and so when I called to let her know I’d arrived safely back across the state, she wanted to let me know what she thought about my work.

MOM: I really like when you write a simple story…like the one in that Brain book. I don’t know about those stories when you try to be funny.

ME: Well, thanks, Mom. I’m kinda glad Chicken Soup doesn’t feel that way.

(I had two stories in the Married Life book.)

MOM: I’m just saying that your simple stories are better. I don’t know why you try to be funny.

(Notice how Mom kept saying “try to be funny”–clearly implying that I’m not succeeding.)

ME: Well, Mom, the Married Life book asked for funny stories. So I had to “try” to write something funny.

MOM: Oh. Well, I suppose if you had to try to be funny…

So I shall “try to be funny” for Shaker of Margaritas: Bad Hair Day. But I don’t think my mom’s expecting much.