The Importance of Now, Part Two

ImageSome of you may have seen on Facebook about Oldest Junior Hall and his trip to New Zealand. But there’s a whole backstory to Joey’s (the afore-mentioned Oldest Junior Hall) trip, so I thought I’d share that along with “The Importance of Now“. I wanted to include Joey’s story with that afore-mentioned Muffin post, but I ran out of space. So here are the rest of the words, another look at the importance of now.

Joey is big on seeing the world. And that’s all well and good, as far as broadening one’s horizons. But seeing the world requires a bankroll to finance the travel hither and yon. So about three or four years ago, after he’d successfully managed a trip to the Grand Canyon and back without falling into the Grand Canyon, he decided he would go on an even grander trip. And so he began to plan.

He had a good job that paid enough for him to live a comfortable lifestyle. But that wasn’t part of the plan. The plan was to save money, little by little, so that one day he could afford a grand adventure.

He brought his lunch to work. He lived in a basement apartment (it was a nice basement apartment but not exactly the kind of space that screams, “Really cool bachelor lives here.”) at a bargain basement rent. Way out in the suburbs of the ATL where it’s far cheaper to live. He continued to drive a somewhat beat-up car that already had well over 100,000 miles on it. He enjoyed activities and such on the weekends–I mean, he wasn’t a hermit or anything–but basically, he opted for a frugal lifestyle.

And to be honest, it was pretty funny, this crazy kid with his Ramen noodles and watching his weight so he could still fit into his clothes from high school (he just turned 29). But then, last summer, he announced his big plan to go to New Zealand. And not just go to New Zealand but to sort of live there, for like, a year.

It was something he’d always wanted to do, and day by day, little by little, he’d worked towards that goal. And then last week, he was off on his grand adventure. To New Zealand. Wow.

Of course we’ll miss him and his noodles. But holy Auckland, I was so excited for him! So happy for him as I hugged him at the airport. He’d actually done it.

There’s something in your heart that you want to do, too. Maybe it’s a grand adventure, maybe it’s writing a grand story. Or maybe it’s growing your own vegetables. It’s not so much what the dream is as it is starting the daily work to get you to that dream.

That’s the importance of now.