Fishing For a Writing Gem? Try Publishing Talk Magazine

current magazineAs you know, when I’m not writing, I’m fishing. And this morning, noodling around, a writer friend pointed me in the direction of Publishing Talk Magazine.

What a gem! And this month’s issue, on children’s publishing, is FREE to download!

But wait all you non-children’s writers!

Just hold on a minute ’cause there’s way more to this magazine than children’s publishing articles. There’s information about Pinterest and how to use that in marketing your books. And a writing workshop on showing vs. telling that, let’s face it, is not just a children’s writing problem. And lots more advice and know-how that’s applicable to any kind of writing.

And you can noodle around the website that is jam-packed with writing stuff and even sign up for the newsletter so that when the next issue comes out–and is free–you’ll be right there, ready to reel in your writing gem.

Wheee! Isn’t fishing fun?