Contest Time!

ImageHere’s the thing. When I’m rushing to catch up, I zip through the inbox and social media, clicking and dumping anything interesting into my favorites. The plan is to look at it later.

You know. When I have time.

Yeah, that doesn’t really happen. But the interesting things at the top of the pile get a look, and so we have a few contests today:

The Green River Writers 2013 Contest has a couple features I like. It’s pretty inexpensive and has lots of categories. So if you pen poetry or prose, you have till August 31st to get your entry in.

The Quirk Books “Looking for Love” Fiction Contest is open now, and the grand prize is $10,000 and publication from Quirk Books. I like that there’s no entry fee (and any publisher with “quirk” in the title is automatically awesome), but having to mail the manuscript, not so much. Anyway, if you have a quirky 50,000 word love story that you don’t mind paying a couple bucks to mail, you have till October 1st to get it in.

And now, I’ve got to run. Time and inboxes wait for no woman.