Friday’s Fun Find: Pictures With Text!


So I was thinking about the 2015 goals for Cathy the Writer, and honestly, they’re the same goals every year: write, read, market, stay on top of business. And I pretty much follow those goals every day. (Well, maybe not Sunday–a writer girl’s got to have one day off, right?)

So then I remembered that I’d written a post over at The Muffin on this very topic. I called the post, “Just for Today, For the Writer.” And I figured I’d just print that out and slap it on the wall of my office with all the other stuff I like to keep foremost in my wee little brain. But it’s a lot of words, y’all.

So I abbreviated the post to one page. But since I sit at my laptop with my reading glasses on when I’m writing, the print of anything up on my wall has to be somewhat large so that I can read it. Which even the abbreviated post was not.

What to do? What to do? I know, says I, I’ll put it on my blog so I can click on it and read it whenever I need to get going on goals! (Plus, I can share it with the writer world.) All I need, says I, is to slap the title on an image.

Which is the kinda long story that gets you–at last!– to the site I used to put text on an image (for free!) and save the image to use on my blog. I used Quozio; I got the quick scoop from this post from Raven. I tried a few of the sites mentioned, and managed to waste all kinds of time, until I eventually ended up with the cool image, now a widget, over there to your right.

Gosh, I love Fun Fridays.